Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year / New Me

Okay, I am a VERY BAD blogger. Christmas this year just seemed to slam into me and left me on my butt wondering "what just hit me?". My blog suffered along with many other holiday things, but I am looking to the new year for a new start.

I am going to attempt something new this coming year of 2010. I am going to send out to my faithful JUG's (just us girls) the group of friends that I have had for more than 40 years these are the girls that I grew up with. Well, because we all hate to get nothing but bills in the mail, I am going to attempt to send out a card each month to the JUG's so that they have something fun to open instead of just another bill to pay. I already have my January cards made and I'll post the pic when I know that they are at their destinations.

I am also going to try to post every day in the new year. I may not have much to say but I'll try and touch base each day.

I also want to make a card a week. I would love to say one a day but I am trying to be realistic and keep these goals (I'm going to call them goals instead of resolutions) maybe a goal will be easier to achieve than a resolution is to keep. Time will tell.

I am also going to get a good birthday list and get my cards for a month done and ready to go so that I just have to drop them in the mail. If you would like to be on my birthday list please send me a note.

In addition to these things I hope to eat better (more healthful) and exercise more. Less stress will make me a happier person and I want to be happy this new year.

Do you have "goals" that you hope to achieve this new year?
Please share.