Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reality Television

I am addicted to Reality TV. I watch Survivor, The Biggest Loser, Project Runway...

So, is there anyone out there that watches Project Runway?
Do you find the guy who is always crying a bit odd?
Jeez, I'm peri-menopausal and even I don't cry as much as this guy appears to cry and were only on show three!!!

Leave me a comment if you watch these shows and the funny quirky things that annoy you.

Sorry that there has been a dry spell of crafty goodness posts. I hope to begin creating for Christmas very soon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Audrey II

Audrey is 18 inches tall. Pretty soon she may bloom.

Workshop Card

Here is the card that I copied and used at my SU workshop last Saturday. You can see the original card at Diane's website, the November 15th post. I modified my card just a bit. Diane used a SU red ribbon and I substituted the patterned paper which was the only non SU ingredient in the card. I also used a different stamp set for the snowflakes. The patterned paper came from a winter stack pack purchased at JoAnn Fabrics. The other materials used were SU Night of Navy for the card and the backing piece behind the "let it snow". SU Bashful Blue and Whisper White. Inks were: Night of Navy, Bashful Blue and a Waterproof Black (oops, one more non SU ingredient). I used Crayola colored pencils to color in the stamped image (yikes, another non SU ingredient). The stamp sets used were: Big on Christmas, The Snowflake Spot, and Flaky Friends. I used Night of Navy ink on the Bashful Blue paper but I stamped off first so that the ink wouldn't be super dark. I used the Bashful Blue ink on the Night of Navy cardstock and stamped the entire back of the card with snowflakes from The Snowflake Spot and Flaky Friends. I worked on cutting the ingredients for my personal Christmas cards last night while watching TV. Did you know that you can burn 60 calories watching TV for an hour? Can you guess that I was watching "The Biggest Loser"? So I guess I burned 120 calories watching that show and producing parts of my Christmas cards. I am going to think of that as being productive during the evening. Well, I must start working so have a good day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just a General Update

This post is just a general update since I haven't crafted anything lately. Thanksgiving was wonderful, laid back just me and my brother Rick. I cooked a small turkey breast with all the trimmings and had just the right amount of leftovers. The rest of the family was either down at Wally World or at their own houses. My sister Caryn hosted Thanksgiving for her in-laws and my nephew (the one in chef school in Vegas) did the cooking. According to Caryn, she will be making a turkey in the near future since the Thanksgiving dinner included a goose and other fancy chef school dishes that she was not excited about and she wants all of the traditional stuff that we had growing up. Caryn is a very picky eater so it was funny to me when I heard of the menu that was going to be served at her house.

Friday, I was one of the frugal (a.k.a. insane) shoppers out at 4am. I ONLY got up and went to the store because I was having a bout of sleeplessness and was back home at 4:35 and back in bed and actually slept until 8am. (unusual for me). I only went to one store, got the two things that I went there for and felt that I had the Black Friday thrill without the tired body that a day of shopping would produce.

Saturday I had a SU workshop and a giant thank you goes out to my hostess Sandy. One of the cards that the guests produced was already posted in an earlier post (the joy card). The other card I will photograph and post along with the information and credit to the person that I copied it from. Saturday is also the day that I made it back into the garage!!!! YES, I AM ONCE AGAIN PARKING MY CAR IN THE GARAGE!!! After more than a year out on the street (after a flood in my basement caused me to bring many of the contents out into the garage) I have purged and sold (on e-bay) some of my hoarded decorations and stuff. I have an office/craft center downstairs along with many Rubbermaid containers that still need to be purged or are full of crafty supplies that need to be transformed into crafty goodness.

Sunday I wrapped the majority of X-mas gifts that I had purchased awhile ago and some general sorting through of craft supplies. I will be posting more blog candy soon.

So, all in all I had the most relaxing weekend, one in which I did NOT go into work and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Audrey II Update

Came to work this morning and Audrey II did some serious growing over the weekend. At last measure on Wednesday (11/21) Audrey was 8-1/2" tall. As you can see from the 12 inch ruler, she is over 12 inches tall now. The last picture shows that there looks to be another stalk ready to sprout. Gotta do some work, more updates later.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Thanksgiving Therapy

These are the cards that I created last night. I am trying to use up some of my fall patterned paper and the many Thanksgiving/Fall stickers that I have in my stash. I apologize that I didn't write down the ingredients for these two cards. The cardstock is SU, no stamps just stickers.

An update on Audrey II (see previous post from 11/20/07). She is now 8-1/2" tall. It will be interesting to see how tall she is come Monday.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Gobble till you wobble!!!

P.S. Sorry about the photo quality. I took these right at my desk because I needed to get a bunch of stuff done while posting.

Blog Candy Winner

A big drum roll please, brrrrrrruuuuuuuummmmmmm.
The winner of the blog candy stickers is:CAKVD
I will have these stickers in the mail to you today if you leave me a e-mail with your mailing address.
Congratulations, I look forward to seeing anything that you create with the stickers.
Please send me an e-mail:
Thanks for playing and come back next week for more blog candy.
I'm thinking some paper needs a new home.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Seymour, Feed Me"

Last year I bought these plants for myself and my co-worker Sharon. We both love flowers and plants. This year I did the same. Below is the picture of mine which is growing like CRAZY. It has grown 1/4" just from this morning. Kerrie, another co-worker thinks it looks like a "penis", and has come to refer to it as the penis plant. I think right now it looks alot like a candle with a flame on top. We have named the plant Audrey II from The Little Shop Of Horrors. Right now Audrey is 7-3/4" tall. She started out the day at 7-1/2" and last night she was only 7". When Audrey grows up she will be an Amaryllis. Sharon's is only about 3" tall. I think that here in the accounting office it is much warmer and the sun (when it's shining) hits Audrey. Sharon who is our receptionist is closer to the front door and the cold wind from outside. I'll keep you posted on Audrey's growth.


The company that I work for is experiencing their first ever IRS audit in over 30+ years of business. I have only been with the company for 7 years and thankfully I don't have to actually sit with the woman auditor. (She is not a very pleasant person) Thankfully our outside C.P.A. firm is here to answer all her questions and it's my job to fetch the items that she requests that are beyond the laundry list that she requested prior to her arrival yesterday morning. Needless to say I have been very busy at work and stressing out like crazy. Eating poorly, sleeping badly. The only good thing is that at night despite how tired my mind is I want to craft to relax. So these are my creations from last night.

No stamping, just patterned paper (Reminisce) and stickers, Martha Stewart's leaf punch and SU cardstock.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Crafting

Just trying to use up this paper before the season passes by. I did do two birthday cards (my brother Bob and sister-in-law Colleen) and each was themed to the wrapping paper that I used to wrap their gifts. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the two cards, but I did do this card and that's all I have to show for the weekend.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sweets for the Sweet

So my purging is to your benefit. I was getting a sticker for a gift I was wrapping (yes, I use stickers to close the tissue paper inside the box) and came across these stickers. They are just not my style and came in a package that had stickers that I do want to keep, so I kept those (selfish?, yeah I guess) and I am giving these away.

So, here's the catch, if you like these stickers or if you don't like them but want them (the hoarding reflex, I understand) then leave a comment about something for which you are THANKFUL (a bit of a "thanksgiving" theme). I will pick a winner next Wednesday.

The item to the left is not a sticker sheet but is a series of punch out photo frames and an image in the center.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I made this first card over the weekend (forgot to bring the cord to download the pic out of my camera and into the computer until this morning). The second card I made last night while watching tv.

SU cardstock "very vanilla", patterned paper: Reminisce "autumn day" shimmer 2 sided paper, "autumn breeze" shimmer 2 sided paper, "autumn plaid" shimmer 2 sided paper, "shades of autumn" self adhesive diecut stickers, SU "photo corners" punch and Making Memories mini brad value pack "Halloween".
SU cardstock "pumpkin pie" and "chocolate", patterned paper: Reminisce "autumn plaid" shimmer 2 sided paper, "shades of autumn" self adhesive diecut stickers, SU "photo corners" punch, brads are from the Target $1.00 spot.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Winner

Drum roll please......bbbbrrrrrruuuuummmmmmm or should it be rum pa pa rum (Little Drummer Boy reference).

"And the winner for the blog candy is: JODENE"

Jodene, cmon' down. Oops, this isn't the Price Is Right, and you can't come through cyber space to get your prize. I will mail it to you. Please send me an e-mail with your snail mail address and I will put the package in the mail tomorrow (no mail today because of Veteran's Day).

My e-mail is:

Drop me a line and I will get that package out to you tomorrow.

I would like to thank you all for playing and stay tuned for more blog candy. I'm thinking that the next candy "bag" will be patterned paper.

Have a great Monday.

P.S. I had a card to show but I forgot to bring the cord to get the pic from my camera to my computer here at work. So it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tuesday's Cards

I am in a craft fair this Saturday. I do this fair each year. It's at the high school that I attended and it's the one that I always do. So, as I was going through the "left-overs" from last year I came across these stamped and colored images. Apparently I thought in my "free" time at last year's fair that I would be able to whip up some extra cards. LOL!!! I amuse myself in my thinking at times. So last night I used these images and made these cards. The cardstock is from a package that I bought at the local stamp store (Stampology), the brads are from my stash, the image (not sure on the mfg.) was stamped in waterproof black ink and colored with colored pencils and is raised up on pop dots. Ribbon is from Michael's.

P.S. Don't forget to enter for blog candy in yesterday's post. (11/6).

Unexpectedly Masque'd

I have to share a dork wad moment that I had last night. I try to keep dry skin at bay, and as each year passes the task becomes not just a winter activity but a year long pursuit to avoid the signs of aging. The thermometer here has taken a plunge in the last day or two and I can feel that my skin is reacting and not in a good healthy way but in a I don't want to look like an alligator this winter way. So, last night while watching TV in the dark I felt some dry skin on my elbows. I have a small basket on my "hope-less" chest next to my bed in which I keep the "heavy duty" winter moisturizers. So I grabbed one and applied lotion to my elbows, arms and hands. I felt that it didn't feel right, not like my every day scented moisturizer, it wasn't absorbing the way that I thought it would and the palms of my hands felt sticky. Realizing the shape of the bottle, I thought that I had grabbed the lotion for my feet. No wonder I thought, this is for my feet that's why it doesn't feel the same on my hands and laid down to sleep figuring that the lotion would absorb eventually. When I woke up this morning, the palms of my hands felt chalky. How odd I thought and went into the bathroom to wash my hands. I proceeded to do my normal routine, let the dog out, get my clothes for work... When I went to make the bed (navy blue sheets) I could feel the look of horror come across my face when I saw flakes of white all over my sheets. WHAT????? I picked up the "lotion" bottle that I used last night to find out that I wasn't lathering rich emollients all over my arms and hands but I was slathering on a facial masque. YUP, I pulled a true wanker-doodle last night. Not only are my elbows still dry but I had to strip the sheets off my bed this morning. The scary question is: What was a facial masque doing in my anti-alligator basket??? So much for my organizational skills!! LOL!!!

P.S. Check out the blog candy post from yesterday for your chance to win some embellishments.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

No Calories / No Cavities

As I promised in an earlier post, I began to purge my stash of embellishments. The bag in the back is foam hearts. The remainder consists of buttons, three dimensional wood and plastic, shaped brads, shaped eyelets and just ole' run of the mill mini eyelets. To get this candy just leave a comment on this post by 11/9/2007. I will put all of the names in a hat and have my brother pick a winner on Saturday. I will post the winner on Monday in the blog.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Brain Teaser

I saw this site on another blog.
I got 15 out of 33.
Try your hand at it.

Don't Hate Me

Please don't hate me for what I am about to say. Moaning and groaning is fine but NO HATE!!!

I bought Christmas presents over the weekend!

Yup, went in for two birthday gifts and came out with them and numerous X-mas gifts. NO, they are not wrapped. NO, I don't have my cards done. Yes, I did buy a "gift" for myself, LOL!!!

Bright Birthdays Part II

These are the two cards that I made yesterday using the pre-packaged birthday embellishments and the same color scheme and patterned paper. The patterned paper is from Doodlebug, the cardstock from Archiver's and the embellishment from my stash (mfg. unknown).

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bright Birthday

I made these two cards last night while watching tv. I refer to them as buckle cards but I am not sure if that is the correct name. I found two packages of these four embellishments in my stash. I used one package on these two cards and will use the remaining package soon and post those creations.

The cardstock is from Archiver's, don't you just love those coupons for 5 free sheets of cardstock? The embellishments (the postage style) were from my stash. They came complete with a pop dot adhesive. The patterned paper was from my stash and I apologize for not looking on the back to see if there was a brand name listing.

Friday, November 02, 2007

This Morning's Creations

I made these cards this morning before leaving for work. I wanted to use these three dimensional pumpkins that I found in my stash and some of the scraps from previous cards.

Cardstock is SU, patterned paper scraps, three dimensional pumpkin, brads and "fall" rub-on from my craft stash. Ticket punch by SU.
I ran out of time and I know that this card needs "something" but it was my first attempt at a crossover pocket card. White cardstock (Michael's), patterned paper from a stack in my stash and the stamp is from SU "The Snowflake Spot".
The lesson that I learned from this card is that unless you have tons of the same patterned paper, do NOT chose a design that has a distinct pattern (ie: you need to be able to read the word joy). This wasted alot of paper since I was unable to use the same square of paper for both sides of the card.

Cardstock: SU, patterned paper: stack scraps, three dimensional pumpkin from my stash, circle leaves are stickers from my stash, ribbon from my stash, ticket corner punch from SU.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The 12 Step Program

I don't know if there is a twelve step program for crafters but sometimes I think that there should be.

For those of you who know me or have read the posts on this blog I have been purging my house. After 22 years and a bad case of hoarding it became a necessity to purge.

So, I confess, I am a hoarder of many things (shoes, wrapping paper, pins...) but for this post I'll stick to the crafting hoards. Well, just from the crafting side, I am a rubber stamp whore. I have two cabinets filled with the rubber goodness, many of which are virgins in that they have never been pushed into an ink pad and gotten applied to paper. When I became a SU demo it became worse (the discount and all). When I sorted my 12x12" paper by color group it became apparent that I am a paper whore. It's those darn coupons for Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics (oh, don't get me started on the hoards of fabric, LOL). I can't walk out of a craft store without making a purchase and paper just seems to fly off of the shelf into my hand then into my cart. Anywho, I digress, back to this morning. I "found" a medium sized padded mailing envelope filled with brads. Four different colored flower brads. Four different colored heart brads. (We're talking packages people, not four brads) Black Weber grill brads, chef hat brads, BBQ fork brads, and red apron brads. Shoe brads, purse brads and lipstick brads. From just ONE mailing envelope. So, being the newly organized person that I am trying to be I went to my embellishment storage and low and behold, no where to put these fine treasures without purging. So I will be sorting through my stash and coming up with some blog candy to share with other crafters. I will try to do it a.s.a.p. and will post the give aways. So, your job, come on back in the near future and participate in helping me find a cure to my addiction.