Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun Stuff

On Saturday I figured out how to use my Cricut. I realized that it wasn't too hard - ONCE YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS, LOL!

I made a small box, small from the aspect that probably only one Hershey kiss will fit into it. Large on the scale of it was the largest setting that my Cricut would take. When I bought this machine more than a year ago, I thought that I had the large machine, well it turns out I have the one that only accepts 6x12" paper. Therefore, my boxes will be one treat wonders.

I also made some more cards to add to the pile that was waiting to be photographed. I have photographed them all and just need to load the camera software onto the new computer and download. Hopefully I will get that done soon and I will post.

Snowed again last night. I am beginning to get tired of it. At least I don't live in DC.

Car is working wonderfully. One of the suggestions from the auto repair place was that I needed new tires. Boy was I surprised to see (I found the receipt) that I bought tires over 45,000 miles ago, which was just about 6 years ago. I guess I really do need tires, along with brakes and a litany of other fun things for the ole'girl. :-)

Have a good Monday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things Are Happy Again

After more than two weeks of various car problems I finally drove to work this morning not afraid something was going to happen. I didn't have to keep my eyes glued to the temperature gauge or looking on the dash for that symbol to denote that I needed to add coolant. I am $400.00 lighter in the wallet but had two major problems fixed. The thermostat has been replaced along with my water pump. Of course there are other not so pressing things that need to be taken care of on my almost 14 year old car but for now it is running like a new baby.

On the work front, I am now the proud user of a "dual headed beast". I have been given a brand new, state of the art computer along with two screens, a new keyboard and laser mouse. To say that this new computer is speedy is an understatement. No more waiting forever for things to download or populate. They are open in mere moments. Couple of snags though, I have to reload my digital camera program so I don't have the ability yet to show the new cards that I have been making. My speakers need a special cable and so I am "deaf" to any funny YouTube entries.

Because of the car being in the shop I wasn't able to make it to my weigh in this week so I do not have an update.

It's almost the weekend, enjoy the day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Was Forewarned

So, I was told by my sister that after a week with a bigger weight loss that the next week might be small.

I let that get into my head and it became true.

At last night's weigh in I only released .6 pounds.
It's a loss but a small one.
Guess having stuffed sausage pizza on SuperBowl night was a no-no.

New week, new chance at a larger number.

Total pounds released into the wild = 4.2 pounds

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Catch Up not Ketchup

Okay, let's see, I have not been a good blogger and my cards lately are lacking some freshness but I will continue to create just to get the stash full for craft fairs and post them here. I keep opening storage containers to find stuff that I forgot I had and it's just like going shopping, :-)

It looks like the J.U.G.'s trip to Vegas is really going to happen. Many of us have booked our flights and this past Saturday a handful of us met at Starbucks to firm up some other stuff. We have a schedule of who is coming and going when and their flight numbers. The rental van has been ordered. Our show tickets have been ordered. We collected some money to send down to Stacie (who lives in a suburb of Vegas) to stock the fridge for our arrival. Looks like out of the 12 of us (myself and Stacie included) we will have a gathering of at least 9. Trips to downtown, the strip, Hoover Dam and a spa are all on the agenda.

Completed my third week at Weight Watchers and last night I released (into the wild) 1.8 lbs. That added to my two previous weeks brings the total released to 3.8 lbs. I am setting a goal of 12 to 15 lbs. by the time the Vegas trip rolls around at the beginning of May.

Work is still a roller coaster. Some days I love working there and other days I really hate working there. I know that I am very fortunate to have a job so I will focus my attention on the good days and craft for happiness on the bad days.

I have been doing some purging and have two bags of clothes, an old computer monitor and some other items for the Salvation Army. Does anyone else have the problem of getting the items for donation out of the house, into the car and to the drop off box? I am such a lazy arse. I really need to do that this week. Not only will it help someone but it will make more room in my house. A precious commodity.

Here are the cards that I have recently created. I have more at home but the memory card in my camera is full and I need to purge some.

Not a good picture but I went into my box of stickers and found a sheet of birthday stickers and made a couple easy peeszy ones.

Ahhh, the man of steel

Take me to your leader

Found this cute paper and these stickers and did a simple lazy combo.

I just love this little monkey!