Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maybe Frugal is Good

Well, it is Wednesday and I still have the $20.00 in my wallet. That means I have gone two full days (Monday & Tuesday) without spending money. Yeah!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

With Organization Comes Peace?

I am hoping that is true.

The weekend was good and bad.

Friday night into Saturday morning it poured and poured. My backyard flooded in it's usual place and I had to walk through some standing water (2 or 3 steps) to get out to the garage to load it for the garage sale that was held at my cousin's house. I was VERY fortunate that my basement didn't flood (a friend had 2 feet of water in her basement). We had a little seepage but nothing a quick mop up couldn't fix.

The garage sale wasn't that great. I think the "professional" garage shoppers didn't come out because of the rain. Well, I went there with 3-1/2 Rubbermaid containers, 2-1/2 of which I didn't go through so as I was putting the items on the table I decided whether is was worth keeping, to sell or put right away into a container to go to the Salvation Army. I am happy to say that the things that I chose to keep fit into the 1/2 container and the remainder either went to the Salvation Army or stayed at my cousin's for this Saturday's 2nd attempt. I made $7.00 and since most of my stuff was priced to sell at less than a dollar I think I did okay. My goal is to get more out of the house and if I can make a few dollars then that's all the better.

I have been investigating ways to save money so that I don't have to get a second job. The first place was the cable/internet/phone combo that I have. I went online to see the different packages and to see what channels were in each package. Get this: they don't have an online listing. So I spent part of my lunch hour on the phone with the cable company. I spoke to Helen, a super nice person and she is sending me out a package list that shows what channels and the prices. I guess I'll be watching alot more network tv this fall and inviting myself to friends and family for the movies. I am also thinking about doing away with the land line or possibly keeping the bundle but modifying my cell phone. I was also very good at the grocery store being careful to purchase only those items on my list and to modify my purchases by what was on sale.

I have two items for sale on ebay and both have a few watchers so I hope to make a few bucks there.

My goal for the week. To have all or most of the $20 that is in my wallet by Saturday.

Wish me luck!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Trying To Gain Some Control

I am VERY stressed and haven't been crafting but did do these cards awhile ago.

Between much too much to do at work and having to work overtime to try and stay afloat. Overtime for which I do not get paid and the fact that my household expenses are more than my income (they just raised my mortgage to get enough in escrow to cover the increase in the property taxes). I will be doing some VERY hard changes in the very near future. I don't want to get a second job but I think that is an option to create more income. The other one is to craft away and try and sell them but that solution is hard when my free time for crafting is spent working.

Enough of that!

I am participating in a group garage sale tomorrow and hopefully I can make a few bucks. I would be happy with enough to fill up my gas tank. $40.00 would be fantastic.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just Call Me Farmer Connie

So this is my first attempt at growing cucumbers.
Not only am I attempting to grow something other than flowers, I am doing it in a container/pot.
This is my first cucumber and it is completely organic.
No fertilizer, no bug spray, nothing but water and sunshine.
It was delicious!!!!