Monday, July 26, 2010

With Organization Comes Peace?

I am hoping that is true.

The weekend was good and bad.

Friday night into Saturday morning it poured and poured. My backyard flooded in it's usual place and I had to walk through some standing water (2 or 3 steps) to get out to the garage to load it for the garage sale that was held at my cousin's house. I was VERY fortunate that my basement didn't flood (a friend had 2 feet of water in her basement). We had a little seepage but nothing a quick mop up couldn't fix.

The garage sale wasn't that great. I think the "professional" garage shoppers didn't come out because of the rain. Well, I went there with 3-1/2 Rubbermaid containers, 2-1/2 of which I didn't go through so as I was putting the items on the table I decided whether is was worth keeping, to sell or put right away into a container to go to the Salvation Army. I am happy to say that the things that I chose to keep fit into the 1/2 container and the remainder either went to the Salvation Army or stayed at my cousin's for this Saturday's 2nd attempt. I made $7.00 and since most of my stuff was priced to sell at less than a dollar I think I did okay. My goal is to get more out of the house and if I can make a few dollars then that's all the better.

I have been investigating ways to save money so that I don't have to get a second job. The first place was the cable/internet/phone combo that I have. I went online to see the different packages and to see what channels were in each package. Get this: they don't have an online listing. So I spent part of my lunch hour on the phone with the cable company. I spoke to Helen, a super nice person and she is sending me out a package list that shows what channels and the prices. I guess I'll be watching alot more network tv this fall and inviting myself to friends and family for the movies. I am also thinking about doing away with the land line or possibly keeping the bundle but modifying my cell phone. I was also very good at the grocery store being careful to purchase only those items on my list and to modify my purchases by what was on sale.

I have two items for sale on ebay and both have a few watchers so I hope to make a few bucks there.

My goal for the week. To have all or most of the $20 that is in my wallet by Saturday.

Wish me luck!!!

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