Monday, October 27, 2008

What Are You Afraid Of?

On Saturday I took part in a trivia contest at the parish where my Mom, sisters Caryn & Jenny attend church. Our table/group conisisted of 10 players. There were 16 total tables and 10 categories. Suffice it to say that we were not the winners, nor were we the losers. It was a humbling experience and although I did save the questions and answers from this category, it however was the only one in which I did. It is definitely a small world when I looked over at another table to see my fellow J.U.G. (just us girls) Suzi and her husband Jerry. It turns out that Suzi's sister belongs to the parish and she was part of that team. It was alot of fun and I definitely would like to do it next year. At least we have a year to study so that we don't feel so stupid.

Take the test below and I will post the answers tomorrow.

What are you afraid of?
Match the following phobias with their definitions.

1. Noversaphobia --------------------- a. Fear of phobias
2. Geliophobia ----------------------- b. Fear of teenagers
3. Alektorophobia -------------------- c. Fear of your step-mother
4. Coulrophobia ---------------------- d. Fear of chickens
5. Phobophobia ----------------------- e. Fear of puppets
6. Sesquipedalophobia ---------------- f. Fear of going to school
7. Papaphobia ------------------------ g. Fear of long words
8. Pupaphobia ------------------------ h. Fear of the Pope
9. Didaskaleinophobia ---------------- i. Fear of clowns
10. Ephebiphobia --------------------- j. Fear of laughter

Good Luck!!
Don't cheat by using Google, try it yourself.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here is a pic of the top of my head to show the new colors.
My hair is pulled back in a ponytail so it doesn't give a great show of the highlights but you get the idea.

Just Stuff

Okay, here's an update of what I have been doing since I haven't been posting any crafty fun.

I did get my hair cut and colored.
It is not the color I thought it would be and the cut is basically the same as the pic that is posted on this site. The stylist cut off about 2-3 inches and it is around my shoulders. I am still learning to embrace the color since I am so used to the dark brown so give me a bit of time to play with it and get a new pic (plus I HATE myself in pictures).

I got 15 points on my Wal-Mart case analysis paper out of 15 points. Right now the only deduction that is reflected in my total grade so far is the group presentation. So out of a possible 35 points, I have 34.4, it's an A but I would have liked 35 out of 35. I don't know why I am obsessing about this grade thing in my last class but I am.

I have been cataloging my stamps. I have started with my SU sets and have been stamping each set on a piece of copy paper and then putting them in plastic binder sleeves and putting them in a binder. I have only made a small dent in the work but believe that it will make me more organized and able to find things when I want them, which is another way of saying more productive. I will have the binder organized by holiday/theme and then I will number the stamps to correspond with the binder sleeve. The stamps will then be stored in my cabinets in numeric order and will make for faster retrieval and use. I was amazed at how many Christmas stamp sets that I have. This is a real awakening for a hoarder, to see how much that I have horded over the years. Yikers!!!! But, so far I have only found one duplicate and I have already sold it on e-bay.

I am working from home tomorrow and just may be able to sneak in some crafting fun (after all my work desk is also my craft desk) but don't snitch to my boss cuz I'll deny it with my whole heart.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Forest Friends

Another Sunday at the forest and this time I brought baby carrots which were a hit with the deer. The ducks were all up near the path.

Look in the foreground of this picture to see Gidget (she blends in with the forest floor right now)

Ducks take flight

Gidget and Maggie, queens of the forest.

Enlarge this picture and see the cute little squirrel.

The Colors of Fall

For all of you that don't experience the colors of fall, here are a few pictures taken to show the brilliance of fall in my world.

The last of the roses for the season.