Monday, October 13, 2008

The Promise of Pictures

So this weekend I took the dogs to the forest. I haven't been there is a long time and was very surprised at the number of deer who will now come up on the path. Since my dogs go every day with Rick the deer are used to them and in some of the pictures you will see both Gidget and Maggie with the deer. Even the squirrels are not that concerned with the dogs. On Sunday I took a loaf of bread and it was gone in a matter of minutes and I tried to give one piece to each deer but there were too many.
Just click the pictures to get a better view.

Even the squirrels will come right up to you.

A very young buck.

This is the buck that is named Nixon by "Bill the deer man" and my brother Rick.
His mother is known as Nic because she has a knick in her ear and this buck is her son. Notice on his rack that he has one point that is broken off. Must be a pretty active mating season and plenty of fights amoungst the bucks.

I had to zoom this picture because I was not climbing down the river embankment to get a better duck picture.

Another zoomed picture

Gidget with a deer

Gidget and Maggie and their forest friends

The new buck in town

I really love the colors on this tree

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wild said...

Fantastic pictures!! lovely animal... I love it!