Monday, April 30, 2007


As of this past Saturday at 9:30am I am a free woman!!
I no longer have to give up my Saturday mornings for school at least until after Christmas and if I can get my last class during the week then never again will I have to wake up to go to school on my day off.

As final exams go, I studied things that I didn't need for the test and forgot to study some of the things that I needed for the test. It seems that my reaction was pretty much the same as the rest of the class. We all were flipping pages looking for that one question that we felt very comfortable with and could get it done and move on to the more difficult questions. I wasn't the first one to leave or the last one to leave, I just finished what I could in the best way that I could and let the pieces fall as they may. Worst case scenario, I really bomb and I end up with a "C" in the class. Best class scenario, I get the "A" that I am hoping for. Time will tell, grades have to be submitted by the 8th of May.

Right now I am just sitting back and enjoying the fact that I don't have any homework, presentations or term papers to write and that I will enjoy the summer to it's fullest!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just Some Fun

Here is a little "getting to know me" thing that I stole from my friend Simone's blog.
This will have to do for an update until I am out of school this Saturday and can learn how to make my blog more fun and post more regularly.

1. I have to have something on in order to fall asleep, either the tv or a radio/cd player.
2. I have two dogs that are spoiled rotten and believe that is why God never allowed me to pro-create because my kids would have been the spoiled brats of the neighborhood and classroom.
3. I love to play in the garden but hate worms!
4. I sometimes use words that I have made up in general conversation and wonder why people give me a freaky look when they don't understand what I just said.
5. My combined family gives me three older brothers and three older sisters. It's a GREAT thing to be the "baby".
6. I have never been married.
7. I am a pack rat and have a hard time "releasing things".
8. At times I swear my home is a black hole where items I know I possess disappear only to reappear when I have replaced the item I was looking for.
9. My trunk is a mini craft room, should I ever get stranded at the side of the road I could start a craft project while waiting for the tow truck.
10. I have the honor of many good friendships that span decades to just a year or so. I am a VERY fortunate person to have these people in my life.

Tell me ten things about yourself!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Only One To Go

Well, the term paper is finished and turned in.
The PowerPoint presentation of the paper is done.
Only one more to go, the final exam, and I am a free woman until the fall semester.

After the beautiful weather this weekend I cannot wait to be finished with this semester.
I always have a hard time with the spring semester.
As the weather begins to get better I get all antsy and just want to spend time outdoors, not in a classroom.

Thankfully, ( please don't moan and groan) I am happy that the weather this week is going to be worse than this past beautiful weekend.
I am happy because I will be hitting the books for the final this Saturday and it will be easier for me to study if the weather is yucky than if it were nice and beautiful like this past weekend.

I have taken a vacation day this Thursday to cram all of the stuff that needs to be in my head for Saturday.
I hope that it stays there and I do well on the test so that I get a good grade.
Quite honestly though, a passing grade at this point is all I care about.
I just want OUT!!!!

Wish me luck!

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Little Quiz

1. Yourself? Crazy Busy
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend? Don't have one right now
3. Your hair? Looking better than it has in years
4. Your mother? My rock and true friend
5. Your father? No longer with us but he was a wonderful Dad
6. Your favorite thing? My puppy Gidget
7. Your dream last night? I cannot remember
8. Your favorite drink? Diet Coke
9. Your dream car? A sporty hybrid
10. The room you're in? Office at work
11 Your fear? Dying alone
12. What you want to be in 10 years? Married and retired
13. Muffins? Oatmeal raisin
14. Who you hung out with last night? Brother Rick
15. What you're not? Organized, but I am working on it
16. Time? 11:30 am
17. What you're wearing? Jeans, gym shoes, tank top and cardigan
18. Your favorite weather? Sunny with low humidity
19. Your favorite book? The Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich
20. The last thing you ate? A chocolate chip cookie
21. Your worst vice? Craft supplies, love to buy them for all of the ideas that I want to create
22. Your best friend/s? They are the ones that keep me grounded and support me even when I f-up.
23.What you're thinking about right now? How I should be working and not posting on my blog
24. Your car? Pontiac Sunfire
25. Your life? Crazy Busy

So what are your answers?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crazy Busy

This week has been a very crazy busy week for me.

Not only do I have a term paper due this Saturday. I have to create a PowerPoint presentation to show on Saturday about the term paper. Add to these tasks that I have spent a good portion of my work day in meetings all week and you can imagine that the pile of work that is ever present on my desk is growing like a weed.

The end is not anywhere near as after I hand in my term paper and do the presentation I have to begin to study for my final exam that will be on the 28th.

Whatever happened to free time for fun?
I sure do hope the near future has some fun time for me.

Monday, April 16, 2007

That Time of Life

It must be the age that we are currently living that causes us to look back upon our lives and wonder, "What ever happened to...."

As you readers know Mr. Big entered my life after 20+ years and since then I have heard from two other guys that were in his class. I had a phone conversation with one of them and an e-mail exchange with the other.

Today I opened my personal e-mail to find yet another "blast from the past".
This e-mail was from Dave W., another friend of Mr. Big looking for him as well as wondering "what ever happened to...".

Dave W. lives in my neighborhood and is divorced with three kids.

I really have to dig out the old reunion stuff that I started over 8 years ago and combine my class with the class ahead of us and make it one big reunion.

But first, I have to finish my term paper (due this Saturday, 4/21) and begin studying for my final exam (Saturday, 4/28) before I can even think of socializing with my past.

Friday, April 13, 2007

An Invention

So I am foregoing my possible million dollars of revenues from this invention if someone will please figure out a way to produce it economically and get it out on the market.

My proposed invention: ear covers to be used by salons when dying hair

Being a 40 something (almost 50, yikes) woman who has been dying her early gray hairs since my thirties have always wanted to come up with a way to figure out how to cover my ears from the potential plop of dye falling on them and then discoloring the ear until nature and daily showers cause the dye to fade. When I was dying my hair at home I was sooooo careful to avoid getting dye on my ears that sometimes it hindered the dye job at my temples, but better a few grays than brown ears.

I thought when I recently decided to go mult-color (highlights and lowlights) and have the professionals do the dye job that I would eliminate the whole worry about dye on my ears.

Such was not the case on Wednesday when I went in for a root touch-up.
The job is wonderful, not a gray root showing.
However, I walked out of there with brown ears.
Yes, not only the rims or outer ear area, but the inside area.
What the heck?

I got my hair cut after the dye was washed out. Did the stylist not see that my ears were brown?

Luckily I had a kleenex in my car and when stopped at red lights on my way home tried to remove as much of the offending brown from my ears. But today, Friday, two days later and I can still see a slight discoloration of my ears.

So, someone out there, here is my invention.
Small shower-cap-like covers with elastic that would fit over the ear during the dying process at hair salons. The need to be disposable, cheap and worth the purchase by the salon to prevent the problem of discolored ears.

So if you have the knowledge and the quest to be the next big inventor knock your socks off and get me some protection from having brown ears next time that I go to the salon.

The other alternative, a good solution that will remove the dye from skin without melting the skin. Either one would do me fine so start inventing!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crunch Time

Well things are crazy as school begins to wind down and things at work begin to heat up.

I have only 3 more classes before my Saturday mornings are free again, YEAH!!!

Too bad that a term paper (due 4/21) and a final exam (4/28) stand between me and freedom.

Put on top of the school happenings the fact that our fiscal year ended 3/31 and this month begins the compilation of the data needed to produce our corporate taxes.

We also have the author of the software that we currently use coming to our office next week to "go over" some of the areas of the software that either we have not yet learned to use or those areas that seem to have some bugs that need to be worked out.

Last but not least is the home redecorating project that is about to begin. (New couch, new carpet and newly painted walls).

I had better take my vitamins, looks like a full schedule for awhile.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Step Two: Carpet

Today I chose the new carpet for my house.
I haven't done this in 21 years and it was a very hard decision.
Not only did I have to deal with the type of carpet choice, but then there was the most difficult part, the color.
I have decided on a plush carpet in the shade of "fossil".
Delivery has been scheduled for early May so that we have time to paint and pull up the old carpet.
Now comes the MOST difficult task.
Purging and getting ready to paint.
Now I remember why it has been so long since all of this was done.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


The weather here in Chicago is not at all like spring or condusive to cute spring dresses with new Easter hats and shoes.

However, this morning I would like to extend the very best Easter blessings and greetings to you all.

May you find all of the eggs that you have hidden before they begin to smell.

May you be able to spend this day with family and friends.

May you find a moment to appreciate all that this new season brings.

I have the very best family and friends that a woman could ask for and I wish you all the very best of peace, love and happiness as we celebrate this joyous day.

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Purchase Had Been Made

Last night concluded the shopping expedition for a new couch.
I have been searching for the perfect couch and unless I am willing to spend the big bucks and have it custom made the perfect couch does not exist in my life at this time.
Instead, the almost perfect couch was ordered last night.
It is 88 inches long and 38 inches deep.
It is navy blue micro fiber (faux suede for us non-furniture people) with mocha (tan) piping.
It has loose pillows for the back and three cushions for the seat.
The factory should have it done sometime in the middle of May which allows me the time to shop for and have installed my new carpet and paint the living room, dining room and stairwell up to the second floor.
Now armed with my fabric swatch from the store I am ready to call my good friend Joe (Bubbles' husband) to come over and measure my rooms and advise me on the best carpet for my home and budget.
The renovation has begun!!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


After school on Saturday was when the good part of the weekend began.
With the pressure of my presentation and exam out of the way I was free to just relax, and relax I did.
I went home after school and packed my suitcase for my FREE overnight stay at the Holiday Inn in Itasca. I won this stay by coming closest in my guess of how many jelly beans were in a jar last Easter at this hotel where we went for Easter brunch.
I had to use the gift certificate before this Easter or it was no good.
I invited my poker group (sister Caryn, her husband Bruce, cousin Fran, her husband Steve, cousin Sue, her husband Rick) to come to the hotel for swimming and cards.
I usually don't drink when we play cards because I am always driving home, so this Saturday I bought a bottle of rum and some Diet Coke.

I left my house after packing my suitcase and went to my knitting class. After class I was on my way to the hotel and checked in by 5pm. I got myself settled, called the card group to let them know what room and poured myself a cocktail. Being that I am not a big drinker I was buzzed by the time they all arrived. Caryn stated when she walked into the room, "it smells like rum in here!" Perhaps that's because I was drinking rum. LOL!!!

We had a great time, ordered pizza for dinner, played cards until 11:00pm and I was the big winner. I guess being a bit tipsy helps in cards.

The next morning my sister Caryn and my friend Bobbi met me for brunch at the hotel and it was very nice. I was a bit hung over but that was to be expected. It was great to spend time with Bobbi and to hear that she has applied for her graduation and has made arrangements to go to graduate school. Rock on Bobbi, you go girl!!!!

Other than the flat tire that Caryn had in the parking lot of the hotel and the good Samaritan that tried to help but couldn't get the tire to come off the car, the morning was quite pleasant. Bruce did get the tire changed later that day and the tire had a locking device that made it impossible for our good Samaritan to change.