Monday, April 16, 2007

That Time of Life

It must be the age that we are currently living that causes us to look back upon our lives and wonder, "What ever happened to...."

As you readers know Mr. Big entered my life after 20+ years and since then I have heard from two other guys that were in his class. I had a phone conversation with one of them and an e-mail exchange with the other.

Today I opened my personal e-mail to find yet another "blast from the past".
This e-mail was from Dave W., another friend of Mr. Big looking for him as well as wondering "what ever happened to...".

Dave W. lives in my neighborhood and is divorced with three kids.

I really have to dig out the old reunion stuff that I started over 8 years ago and combine my class with the class ahead of us and make it one big reunion.

But first, I have to finish my term paper (due this Saturday, 4/21) and begin studying for my final exam (Saturday, 4/28) before I can even think of socializing with my past.

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