Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crunch Time

Well things are crazy as school begins to wind down and things at work begin to heat up.

I have only 3 more classes before my Saturday mornings are free again, YEAH!!!

Too bad that a term paper (due 4/21) and a final exam (4/28) stand between me and freedom.

Put on top of the school happenings the fact that our fiscal year ended 3/31 and this month begins the compilation of the data needed to produce our corporate taxes.

We also have the author of the software that we currently use coming to our office next week to "go over" some of the areas of the software that either we have not yet learned to use or those areas that seem to have some bugs that need to be worked out.

Last but not least is the home redecorating project that is about to begin. (New couch, new carpet and newly painted walls).

I had better take my vitamins, looks like a full schedule for awhile.

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SpAzzGiRL said...

I'm exhausted just reading that Connie!
Make sure you stock up on some Vitamin Water, you may need it.