Friday, August 31, 2007

The Voice

Well, my voice is back.

However, from the comments that I have received from those who can now hear me they say that my voice "hurts their ears".

The funny thing is that when I had a sore throat my voice was fine (that was at the beginning of this illness).

Now, my voice is messed up, but my throat feels fine.

Go figure.

I did leave work early yesterday in hopes of sleeping, but the zzzz's never came and instead I finished up the organization of my stickers.

Over the weekend I MUST make a birthday card for my co-worker Kerrie and I want to start playing with my Halloween stamps. I will take pictures and finish off the roll of film, get it developed and post pictures so that you all have something to see other than my verbal ramblings.

Have a safe holiday weekend (end of summer, boo-hoo) have fun and enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

No Voice

I have a terrible head cold.
I came down with it on Tuesday (of course the first night of school).
Yesterday wasn't too bad, but today, I am suffering big time.

I have NO VOICE!!!!

I never realized how much I talk until now when I cannot be heard.

My throat does not hurt but my voice is broken.

I am at work because tomorrow is payday and I need to finish calculating commissions and phone in the payroll. Pretty funny thought since I don't have a voice.

Hopefully I will have at least a whisper of a voice so that I can call in payroll and call my professor so that I can be excused from class tonight.

Maybe being sick is a good thing, maybe I can get some crafting done.
Of course, after I take a nap, LI (laughing inside since I can't out loud)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So, I am new to this blog-o-sphere world of nice people and have been "tagged".

I have probably been tagged before and did not know it or what to do but I believe I have the idea now. I "think" the Connie listed on Greta's( post was me and if not then I have done the task in error. Below you can read it.

The rules:

1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.

2. Players, must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don't have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.

My middle name is Joan. I believe that this name was chosen because it was also my godmother's name.

J = J.U.G.S. = The first letter of the group of girls that I went to grammar school and high school with that I still see on a regular basis. J stands for Just, U stands for Us, G stands for Girls and S stands for Stupid. Just Us Girls, Stupid. We have since changed the S to be more politically correct and it often stands for silly but the original meaning was "stupid". The J.U.G.S. are made up of twelve wonderful women with whom I have shared good and bad times. Everyone one of us is unique and yet we are the same in the bond that we share. We do not let each other get away with bullsh-- and will call each other out when we know one of us is trying to "snow" the other. Love these women to death.

O = Obtuse. I can sometimes be very obtuse when it comes to technology. As previously stated in my blog, I don't know how to use a digital camera. I also do not know how to link to another blog by just having the person's name typed and the viewer able to link to that blog. Hence the blog address of Greta listed above.

A = Awkward. I have been going through a phase lately where I am awkward and have the bruises to prove it. I just recently banged my leg and have a purple bruise that hurts like hell right now.

N = New office. The company that I work for has recently moved into a building that they have purchased and we have new offices. The new space is beginning to grow on me and I enjoy the ton of sunshine that comes in the window during the morning.

Okay, I know the rules say that you have to tag the same amount of people as there are letters in you middle name. I however do not have 4 blog-o-sphere buddies to tag so please do this task in the comments section if you read my blog.

Thanks, I look forward to reading the responses.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Well, I still have not figured out the best time to leave the house to make it to work on time.
I must remember that the drive is a smidge more than my previous commute and to add more time.
Old habits die hard I guess.

The weekend turned out to be very nice.
The weather broke and the air conditioning was turned off.
It felt great to have fresh air in the house again.

I made some headway in the craft organization and realized that I have a ton of stickers.
I need to get crackin' on some projects.

I did finish my coupon book and because I don't have a digital camera the pics are in my regular camera waiting for the roll of film to be finished so that I can get it developed. Soon, I promise.
I want to get a few more projects done and take pics of them before the roll is out.

One very random and stupid observation:
Has anyone seen that Viagra commercial that has all of the guys in an old barn or something and they are all playing instruments and singing "VIVA VIAGRA"?
Does anyone else find this to be weird?

Let me know.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some Creative Juice

Well, with the boxes from work and the computer gone I have begun to use the free space on my desk for more creative pursuits.

I am making a coupon book and have all the pieces cut and partially stamped. When it is finished I will post some pics.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Just when I got settled and knew where everything was it is time to move again.

I am both excited and bummed to be moving my office.
The building is ready and we have occupancy so I must stop coming to work in my pj's.
Today is moving day for me and although I relish the idea of a new office I don't look forward to the drive and leaving the comfort of my home.

To top it off, I didn't win the occupancy pool that some of us had going.
I truly thought back at the end of July after seeing pictures of the new space that there was no way that we would be in the office before Labor Day.
Kudos to our guys for getting everything co-ordinated and ready for us to move in.

I will miss the peace and quiet that was my home office.
I truly pumped out alot of work with very few distractions.
I won't miss the daily trip to the post office, so there is always an upside.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

If I Only Had A Brain

I had the BIGGEST brain fart yesterday.

After being out and about and having some problems with my rear brake/turn signal lights.
The lights keep going out.
The bulbs aren't bad it appears that the sockets are.
The really annoying and dangerous thing is that they go out whenever and wherever they please.
At times, both of them together.
Yesterday I had to stop three times on my way home to get out, open the trunk, take the socket out of the hole in the trunk, jiggle and replace.
Well, when I got home yesterday the left rear was out and I did the above and then grabbed my purse and stuff and went inside.
I told my brother Rick about the problem that keeps happening and left it at that.

Last night and all day today we have been experiencing rain.
Sometimes it has been pretty heavy with thunder and lightening.

During one of the dry spells, Rick went outside to see if he could get a part number off of the socket and what did he discover?

I left my driver's side window OPEN!!!!!!

Needless to say, the seat is soaked.
The back floor is wet.
The front floor is wet.
The back seat is wet.

Luckily my trusty Mickey Mouse seat cover (lined with foam) soaked up a good majority of the rain from the driver's seat.
It is now hanging and dripping in my basement over the sink.

Talk about a brain fart, this one takes the cake.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jog Your Memory

I received this e-mail and thought instead of sending it out via e-mail that I would post it here and see how many more shows get added.

How many shows can we come up with that we USED to
watch that are no longer on TV?
Add one.
This should be fun and jog our memories. No repeats on
the shows please.

Doris.............My Friend Flicka
Deb...................Mr. Ed
Cory...................The Immortal
Louise.................Little House on the prairie
Skoobysnaxx......Land of the Giants
Denise................Banana Splits
Kev...................Lost In Space
Kenny.................Puff the Magic Dragon
Chris...................Chip and Dale
Brenda...............American Bandstand
Deb...................Have Gun Will Travel
Jeanann.............Carol Burnett Show
Dorothy..............Red Skelton Show
Manick ......... Lassie
Judd...................Ed Sullivan Show
Nick..................Car 54 where are you?
Rett.................Abbott & Costello
Lace/Ladye ..... "Bewitched" :}~
BlackGable........The Millionaire
DJCookie2.........Bachelor Father
BabyBear4u......My Little Margie
VirgoMan55......The Clay Cole Show
finickygril.........muppet show
Gary_57...........The RifleMan
Nurselil..............Ben Casey
Cheri................The Cheryl Ann
Lisa.................All In The Family
Lois.................Dark Shadows
Joan..............Queen for a Day
Barbara...........Gene Autry
Nicole.............the smurfs
Brenda ..........Where The Action Is
Christy............Hey Dude
Betty............. What's my line?
Sandey............Your Show Of Shows
Martin..............Buck Rogers
Diane...............Roy Rogers
Donna.............Maw and Paw Kettle
Cindy............Melrose Place
Wayne ......... "WANTED" Dead or Alive
Bobbi..............Name That Tune
Mary Frances..... The Hit Parade
Dixie................The Rebel
Lisa..................Adam 12
Heidi.................H.R. Pufnstuff
Kathy ............That's Incredible!
Michele ............The Munsters
Rhonda.......... Courtship of Eddie's Father
Kathy.............. My Three Sons
Chuck............... The Real McCoys
Chuck.............. The Match Game
Margarette .......Gomer Pyle
Jude............Marcus Welby M.D.
Mary K..........Green Acres
Nadya........The Honeymooners
Joyce........Uncle Elihugh
Jeanine.......The Sonny & Cher Show
Verna.........I Love Lucy
Marie..............The Dean Martin Show
Walt..........Rowan & Martins Laugh-In
Paula..... dukes of hazard
Linda.........The Twilight Zone
Linda A.......77 Sunset Strip
Jani........ Father Knows Best
James......Big Valley
barb.........My Three Sons
sharon.....Annie Oakly
Sandee....Our Miss Brooks
Diana.... That Girl
Cindy ..... The Love Boat
Kim.....Emergency (with Chad Everett)
Debbie..Peticote Junction, Rawhide
Rhonda....Flipper "The Dolphin"
Kathy....Route 66
Nita...........The Swamp Fox
Kim G...Truth or Consequences (Bob Barker)
james p...head of the class
Marsha...Dr. Kildare
Ken ...Soupy Sales (with White Fang & Black Tooth)
Brigitte....Hawaii Five-O
Cathy----Nanny and the Professor
Mary... The Flying Nun
Greg.... The Green Hornet
Violet----The Lone Ranger
Tammy- What's happening
Lajuan-Magilla Garilla
Nova-Planet of the Apes
Tiffany- He's The Mayor
Cynthia - In Living Color
Cynthia - The Odd Couple (Felix & Oscar)
Nyla - The Jamie Fox Show
Nyla - Living Single
Nyla - Eve
Nyla - Martin
Nyla- For your love
Tina - "That Girl"
Tina - Julia
Tina - Room 222
Gretchen - Soldier of Fortune
Pat - Dick Van Dyke Show
Fran - Batman (Bang - Pow)
Connie - Charlie's Angels

I Am Evil

I feel so evil.

Yesterday I took my chihuahua Gidget to be spayed. I have always been told that it is the best thing for the dog if you do not have the intention of ever breeding her. However, I felt very guilty when she looked at me with panic as the doctor took her to the back room and I walked away.

That was nothing compared to the look that I get now. If looks could kill, well you know the rest. Every time that I try to help her or pick her up I get a yelp that is breaking my heart. I hate having my little baby hurting. Hopefully she will do better today than she did last night.

Even if she is a dog, I feel like a very bad, bad, bad mom.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Where do gnats come from?

Are they a species of fruit fly?

All I know is that these little gnats are down here in my basement office and they are driving me crazy. I guess some bug spray is going to make it on my grocery list.

The Purge Continues

Being home has it's distinct advantage, especially when it comes to the ongoing purge.

With my office down in the basement, every day I am reminded that I have too much stuff as I am surrounded by Rubbermaid containers. Today I have made a good dent into the containers that are down here behind my desk. I found a container filled with Easter decorations. Combined with the one that I know is out in the garage that is way too much stuff for Easter. I prepared a bag for Goodwill that held everything in the basement container with the exception of the ceramic eggs and basket that I made many, many, many moons ago. I also went through the September container (mostly apples and back to school themed decorations) and kept just two door decorations and a table runner for my coffee table. Next came a crafting container that had crafting supplies (paint and such). The paint was dried up and I kept the brushes. Some of the supplies are going to make a Goodwill shopper happy. I also came across a container that held some wool fabric. Back when I had to dress up for work this material was going to become a few skirts and jackets, now it is on it's way to becoming whatever someone else wants to make with it. One more container and then it's time to go out to the garage and sort through that stuff. I just wish the humidity would drop so that the task would be much more comfortable.

I guess I could always bring a container into the house to do the sort and purge. DUH!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Lot More Light

I have a very large over two stories high pine tree in my backyard. It is the home to many squirrels and birds. It can be a bit of a mess when pine cones fall and needles come down. It shelters the North side of my house and I wouldn't dare dream of ever removing it.

My attached neighbor (I live in a duplex) doesn't hold my affections for the tree. She hates it and thinks that the pine cones that fall from it look like uncircumcised penises. Over the years her husband has trimmed back some of the branches that hang over their patio. Nothing real serious just cosmetic. Last year and more so this year she has asked if I would mind if they had the tree professionally trimmed. I always said that they could trim what hung over their property but that I didn't want the tree taken down. It has never come to pass as the expense was always too great. Either she came into some extra money or the pine cones have finally taken their toll because yesterday the "professionals" came to trim the tree. I say "professionals" because they were our regular lawn guys that cut the grass. They made the tree look crazy hideous. Almost one whole side up to the top is missing. It looks stupid!!! On top of that they let the branches drop down into my flower bed. Smooshing my bleeding heart bush and my purple larkspur. They flattened my calla lily and broke the stems of a few of my other lilies. All have bloomed and are getting ready for the fall, but that is not the point. How hard would it have been to drape a tarp over the fence and secure it to the tree so that the branches didn't fall into the garden? Maybe I'm being overly sensitive because I hate the way the tree looks. Legally the neighbors had every right to trim what was on their property but it just looks way stupid.

The bright side to the story. The squirrels and birds still have their tree to live and play in and the neighbor's patio has so much sun now that they are going to roast. Insert evil vindictive laugh here.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Home vs. The Office

This is my first experience of working from home.
I have always gone to an office.
Most of my "career" it was a necessary thing to do because the technology to work from home was not available.
However, as this baby-boomer has seen many technological things come to life it is still amazing that I can work from home.
So, it has been 4 days of working from home and here is my take so far.

I can do laundry while working.
I don't have to change out of my pj's.
I am getting soooo much more done because there is no one to talk to.
I can have my dog Gidget sit on my lap while I work (she does however want to walk all over the desk so that is counter-productive).
I can listen to whatever music I want to.
I balanced my check-book and paid bills during the work day.
I am saving a ton on gas because there is no commute.
During lunch I was able to weed my garden.

I have a tendency to work WAY more hours. (It's 9:20pm and I am just finishing up my day which started at 6:00am) To be honest I did take an hour for lunch and an hour for dinner.
My cell phone doesn't get good reception down in the basement office.
There is no one to talk to.
I am down in the basement with little natural light.

So give me your thoughts, if you work from home would you ever go back to an office?
If you work in an office, would you jump at the chance to work from home?

P.S. Once I get caught up, I am going to use my free time to craft as my office is also my craft room. Shhhhhh, don't tell my boss, it's our little secret.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Heavy Heart

I am crying as I write this post.

Last night around dinner time is when it all began.

My black lab Miss Harley has NEVER not wanted her chow.

Having come from puppy prison (what we called the shelter from which I got her) she made sure when there was food she was always up front and center.

Harley had hip displaysia (sp?) and had been on prescription meds for the last 1-1/2 years. The hips were too far gone by the time she was diagnosed and the medicine was the only option. The meds worked well and she was able to go to the forest every day and function normally. One of the side effects of the meds is the possibility that they may affect the liver. Harley had seen the vet in May for her usual yearly check-up and the blood work was normal.

So, last night while we ate and Harley made no attempt to let us know of her presence for any handouts and the fact that she didn't even make a move to her bowl which was full of her once a day chow, we knew something was wrong.

Harley was listless and not at all interested in getting up off of the floor. Rick even tried leaving the house the back way and ringing the front doorbell. Harley did get up but then laid back down as soon as she knew who was at the door.

We called the vet and got an appointment. We got there just before 7pm. By 8pm my lovely, kind, wonderful dog had gone to the forest in the sky. She has joined my other dogs Buffy, Jodie, and Monster.

This has come as such a blow. We never expected this. We expected the decision would be made because of her hips and inability to move. The fact that what did my poor girl in was probably the medicine that gave her the mobility to live a normal life this past 1-1/2 years. Without an exploratory surgery (which the doc said she probably wouldn't have survived) he couldn't be sure exactly what happened. He suspected that she either had a ruptured liver or spleen. Her belly was bloated and when he stuck a needle in her stomach and drew blood she didn't even flinch. The blood that he drew out was not a deep thick healthy red, more of a diluted version of that. Since the doc felt that she wouldn't survive a surgery at her age the only option was to send her to heaven. I have had to make this decision 3 previous times and let me tell you that it NEVER is any easy one.

I know that this loss has deeply affected my brother. He remained very stoic last night but I knew when he said his good-byes last night that this was heart wretching for him. Rick was the one that took the wild puppy prison dog who was estimated to be 1 or 2 years old (the previous owners didn't have the decency to bring her into the shelter, instead they just tied her to the tree outside). Rick took this dog with a jumping problem and taught her to be the great dog that she was. He took her every day to the forest to let her run around and get out all of that energy so that she would be happy when she later had our small yard to play in. They bonded very tightly as they spent their days together.

I know that this loss is NOTHING compared to the loss of a child, but for me my dogs are my children and this is a very very sad time for me. May my sweet lovable girl have eternal rest.