Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Lot More Light

I have a very large over two stories high pine tree in my backyard. It is the home to many squirrels and birds. It can be a bit of a mess when pine cones fall and needles come down. It shelters the North side of my house and I wouldn't dare dream of ever removing it.

My attached neighbor (I live in a duplex) doesn't hold my affections for the tree. She hates it and thinks that the pine cones that fall from it look like uncircumcised penises. Over the years her husband has trimmed back some of the branches that hang over their patio. Nothing real serious just cosmetic. Last year and more so this year she has asked if I would mind if they had the tree professionally trimmed. I always said that they could trim what hung over their property but that I didn't want the tree taken down. It has never come to pass as the expense was always too great. Either she came into some extra money or the pine cones have finally taken their toll because yesterday the "professionals" came to trim the tree. I say "professionals" because they were our regular lawn guys that cut the grass. They made the tree look crazy hideous. Almost one whole side up to the top is missing. It looks stupid!!! On top of that they let the branches drop down into my flower bed. Smooshing my bleeding heart bush and my purple larkspur. They flattened my calla lily and broke the stems of a few of my other lilies. All have bloomed and are getting ready for the fall, but that is not the point. How hard would it have been to drape a tarp over the fence and secure it to the tree so that the branches didn't fall into the garden? Maybe I'm being overly sensitive because I hate the way the tree looks. Legally the neighbors had every right to trim what was on their property but it just looks way stupid.

The bright side to the story. The squirrels and birds still have their tree to live and play in and the neighbor's patio has so much sun now that they are going to roast. Insert evil vindictive laugh here.


oceansidecindy said...

Wow, I loved that tree because it was home to some many little creatures. That would be a scary tree to remove completely, because it's so tall and there are wires running past it. Tell them they can cut the whole tree if they add an addition to your house so you can have room for out of town guests. Nah the tree is probably your better choice to keep. Less maintenance then out of town guests..............

SpAzzGiRL said...

I love all the trees around my house, even with the "mess" they leave everywhere at all times of the year and the gang of squirrels that live in my tree and I swear are plotting something big!
My parents have a tree they hate and they cute it really strangely, looks like a big Qtip. LOL