Friday, August 31, 2007

The Voice

Well, my voice is back.

However, from the comments that I have received from those who can now hear me they say that my voice "hurts their ears".

The funny thing is that when I had a sore throat my voice was fine (that was at the beginning of this illness).

Now, my voice is messed up, but my throat feels fine.

Go figure.

I did leave work early yesterday in hopes of sleeping, but the zzzz's never came and instead I finished up the organization of my stickers.

Over the weekend I MUST make a birthday card for my co-worker Kerrie and I want to start playing with my Halloween stamps. I will take pictures and finish off the roll of film, get it developed and post pictures so that you all have something to see other than my verbal ramblings.

Have a safe holiday weekend (end of summer, boo-hoo) have fun and enjoy!!!

1 comment:

oceansidecindy said...

I have always loved your voice after a cold. It squeaks and really sounds like it hurts you when you talk. Glad you are back on the road to recovery. Can't wait until you get out here to visit me. I want you to show me scrapbooking. They have cool "California" things at our Michael's. Bring your coupons.