Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Am Evil

I feel so evil.

Yesterday I took my chihuahua Gidget to be spayed. I have always been told that it is the best thing for the dog if you do not have the intention of ever breeding her. However, I felt very guilty when she looked at me with panic as the doctor took her to the back room and I walked away.

That was nothing compared to the look that I get now. If looks could kill, well you know the rest. Every time that I try to help her or pick her up I get a yelp that is breaking my heart. I hate having my little baby hurting. Hopefully she will do better today than she did last night.

Even if she is a dog, I feel like a very bad, bad, bad mom.


oceansidecindy said...

You are not evil little sister, you are a good mom getting her spayed. Every day I see dogs and cats that suffer from fleas, (owners say I I don't have fleas in my house so I don't use preventatives.) Dogs that have heartworm desease (could have been using preventative.) Dogs and cats with breast cancer because they weren't spayed. Dog and cats with prostate cancer because they weren't neutered. Out here in California the biggest desease we see most often is Parvo and that can be prevented with vaccines. Parvo is deadly and at my hospitals we do free vaccines with a doctor's exam, but some people are not educated about dog and cat needs. Some can not afford a lot and I truly understand that.What I dislike the most are the fancy people with their fancy clothes and cars not wanting to spend money on their fancy dogs to keep them healthy. Sometimes even accusing us of ripping them off with our prices. No matter what we do to help it never is enough. So little Gidget may be upset now , but she will make it up to you by spending many many years with you.

SpAzzGiRL said...

I agree with Cindy...You are a good pet owner for doing it, I didn't like doing it to my little puppy either, but knew it was a necessity.
And more poor pooch wore little baby sweat pants because I didn't want to buy one of those cones back then, talk about balls and wearing pants!

Michelle said...

You absolutely did the right thing. Like Cesar Milan says, Dogs live in the moment...