Monday, August 06, 2007

Home vs. The Office

This is my first experience of working from home.
I have always gone to an office.
Most of my "career" it was a necessary thing to do because the technology to work from home was not available.
However, as this baby-boomer has seen many technological things come to life it is still amazing that I can work from home.
So, it has been 4 days of working from home and here is my take so far.

I can do laundry while working.
I don't have to change out of my pj's.
I am getting soooo much more done because there is no one to talk to.
I can have my dog Gidget sit on my lap while I work (she does however want to walk all over the desk so that is counter-productive).
I can listen to whatever music I want to.
I balanced my check-book and paid bills during the work day.
I am saving a ton on gas because there is no commute.
During lunch I was able to weed my garden.

I have a tendency to work WAY more hours. (It's 9:20pm and I am just finishing up my day which started at 6:00am) To be honest I did take an hour for lunch and an hour for dinner.
My cell phone doesn't get good reception down in the basement office.
There is no one to talk to.
I am down in the basement with little natural light.

So give me your thoughts, if you work from home would you ever go back to an office?
If you work in an office, would you jump at the chance to work from home?

P.S. Once I get caught up, I am going to use my free time to craft as my office is also my craft room. Shhhhhh, don't tell my boss, it's our little secret.


SpAzzGiRL said...

Love working at home but I am very easily distracted, so I get sidetracked and wind up working later in the day.
I have no one to talk to in either situation so it is no different there but at least at home I can do stuff and work too, I love it.

oceansidecindy said...

I too tried the work at home. My commute to work would have been over 2200 miles one way, being that I worked at the same place as Connie. I got up early and worked through lunch time. Then caught up on working around the house. Days I sat at the computer for 8 hours. No one to talk to except the dogs, or an occasional phone call. Saved lots of money on gas and travel time. I was glad when I did venture back out into the working world. I have made one friend here and her name is Susan and she works at our Vista Hospital. I miss talking to her since right now I am at the Carlsbad office. The one I miss the most is Connie, we used to sit in the same office and I would sing silly songs to make her laugh. Yes, I still sing silly songs at work, but now they are songs about animals.!!!!

Michelle said...

I love working from home. Your list says it all! Though like Spazzy, I too am easily distracted.