Thursday, August 30, 2007

No Voice

I have a terrible head cold.
I came down with it on Tuesday (of course the first night of school).
Yesterday wasn't too bad, but today, I am suffering big time.

I have NO VOICE!!!!

I never realized how much I talk until now when I cannot be heard.

My throat does not hurt but my voice is broken.

I am at work because tomorrow is payday and I need to finish calculating commissions and phone in the payroll. Pretty funny thought since I don't have a voice.

Hopefully I will have at least a whisper of a voice so that I can call in payroll and call my professor so that I can be excused from class tonight.

Maybe being sick is a good thing, maybe I can get some crafting done.
Of course, after I take a nap, LI (laughing inside since I can't out loud)

1 comment:

SpAzzGiRL said...

Oh need Vitamin Water!
I'm getting sick too, I swear it is because of the damn a/c blowing on me, then going into the hot car, then back to the a/c....sheesh!
Luckily I haven't lost my voice though...I can't even imagine!