Friday, August 10, 2007

The Purge Continues

Being home has it's distinct advantage, especially when it comes to the ongoing purge.

With my office down in the basement, every day I am reminded that I have too much stuff as I am surrounded by Rubbermaid containers. Today I have made a good dent into the containers that are down here behind my desk. I found a container filled with Easter decorations. Combined with the one that I know is out in the garage that is way too much stuff for Easter. I prepared a bag for Goodwill that held everything in the basement container with the exception of the ceramic eggs and basket that I made many, many, many moons ago. I also went through the September container (mostly apples and back to school themed decorations) and kept just two door decorations and a table runner for my coffee table. Next came a crafting container that had crafting supplies (paint and such). The paint was dried up and I kept the brushes. Some of the supplies are going to make a Goodwill shopper happy. I also came across a container that held some wool fabric. Back when I had to dress up for work this material was going to become a few skirts and jackets, now it is on it's way to becoming whatever someone else wants to make with it. One more container and then it's time to go out to the garage and sort through that stuff. I just wish the humidity would drop so that the task would be much more comfortable.

I guess I could always bring a container into the house to do the sort and purge. DUH!!!

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