Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday

I started this card when I had jury duty a couple of weeks ago. This is from a SU birthday kit. I finished it this morning before going to work. The birthday cake is raised by one layer of pop dots. The words Happy Birthday have two layers of pop dots. Not much but trying to get the crafty gene going.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Forward Progress

Okay, so I know that I have alot of stamp sets. What I didn't realize is that I would be scrambling to find good places to store them. So I was working away on Saturday afternoon and ran out of the small dot stickers so I had to stop. While grocery shopping yesterday I picked up another package. I thought about getting two but read that there were 306 dots in a package and thought that I would NEVER run out of dots. Yikers, I did and had to stop yesterday when I was very close to finishing this phase of the organization. Once completed this will document the Stampin' Up sets, I still have the loose stamps and stamps sets that I have purchased at stores and online to deal with. I also want to get myself set up to do multiple crafts. Believe me, behind all of those stamps that were stacked on the table is my sewing machine and serger just calling out to be used.

Not much but it is a card. I think with all of this organizing that I have lost my creative side. I hope that it is just clogged with too many ideas and that once the stamps are done that I can get down to creating with all of these stamps.

I filled the large pantry size cabinet.

On the first shelf I put sets two deep, not super practical but necessary.

Believe it or not, the cabinet does close.

I put the stamp sets that are being stored in this cabinet into containers first so that I can just pull out the container, grab the set and go. This cabinet is much deeper than the pantry cabinet and the best use of the space was containers so that I wouldn't constantly be moving sets around to get at the ones in the back.

I originally bought this four drawer plastic storage bin with wheels to store all of my punches. It was working very well until the weight of all of the punches broke two of the wheels. I will have to find an alternate punch storage place and with the wheels off and this up on top of a sturdy piece will work great for the remainder (I hope) of the SU stamp sets (just need more dots and I can finish).

Believe it or not, I actually found some sets yesterday that I hadn't stamped for the binder. I think that they are multiplying while I'm upstairs sleeping.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting Closer to Organized

The project that I started a little while ago is getting closer to being finished. I have FINALLY mounted all but a handful of SU stamp sets. I have stamped them on white paper and have put them into two three ring binders. Yesterday I began the task of getting like sized boxes together and numbering the set and then the page in the binder. My hope is that I can quickly flip through the binder, find the stamps I want to use and then go to the storage cabinet and pull the set, use it, clean it and put it away. I hope to eliminate stamp sets laying around all over my house. I still have all of my loose non SU stamps to "catalog" but I have made some good progress.

The main stack of SU stamp sets, some are two deep.

A pile here.

Another pile here.

A pile over here.

A pile there.

Piles everywhere!

One binder for all non-Christmas sets.

The sets were stamped and put in plastic sleeves inside the binder.

The cabinet before. The colored "pencil" boxes in the bottom will be removed and relocated to another area of the craft cellar. Yes, they contain loose non SU stamps.

The first two shelves are filling up fast.

The tall stack of stamps sets begins to dwindle as they are numbered and put away.

The numbered sets are being added to the cabinet as I cross reference them in the binder.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Same Old Image

Here's another card, same ol' image, different colors.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Autumn Colors

I have been trying to make some cards whenever I run across a "colored image" as was the case for this card. I am in a craft fair this Saturday and I have been trying to complete a crochet baby afghan by tonight so that I can wash it and have it ready for Saturday.

The stamp is a SU stamp, stamped a few times, colored with pencils and the patterned paper is also SU.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

History Will Be Made Today

Today is election day.
Today history will be made.
We will either have our first African American President
We will have the first female Vice President

Either way, be a part of history today.
Cast your ballot.
Many have given up their lives or limbs so that we could have the right to have our voice heard.
Raise your voice today, be heard, be counted.

As for me, there is a saying that is said here in Chicago, "Vote Early, Vote Often".
Well, I did vote early, was in line at 5:45am for a 6:00am poll opening. I used a paper ballot as I am not very confident of the touch screen. Oprah used the touch screen and the thing flipped her vote.

I come from a "blue" state and there is often a slight shade of blue-violet or purple to my ballot. I have only missed one election is my entire adult life and like to say that I am a middle of the road voter. I like to vote for the person I feel will do the best job, heck, after all I along with you are paying that person's salary.

This year I have to say that my entire ballot was a DEEP BLUE hue. Not a bit of red appeared on my ballot this time around.

So, whether you agree with me or not


Monday, November 03, 2008

I Crafted

Yup, sit down I actually produced something crafty over the weekend. Nothing spectacular, but at least something other than my life's dribble.

Speaking of dribble, last week we had class in the gym. We were doing teamwork exercises and let me tell you, some were rather odd. The one that was the most challenging yet crippled this old broad was this:

My instructor and a gym professor had a large jump rope.
There were 31 of us students in the class that night.
The two professors were going to twirl the rope.
All 31 of us had to jump over the rope at least once.
The rope could not hit the floor without someone jumping over it.
We did this for 35 minutes.
The BEST that we could do was 28 people.

The lesson that I learned:
Ask as many questions about how this can be done before the situtation begins, because once we started they would not allow us to ask questions.
One question that we should have asked: Did the rope have to make a complete circle or could we just have it sway back and forth?

The other lesson that I learned:
This OLD FAT BROAD has NO business jumping rope if she expects to move like a normal person the day after and the day after that.

The last lesson that I learned:
If I didn't carry all this weight I would have had no problem jumping rope and walking briskly the next day.


Very tardy answers to the phobia post.

Better late than never, it gave you extra time to dwell on the correct answers.

1 = C Fear of your step-mother
2 = J Fear of laughter
3 = D Fear of chickens
4 = I Fear of clowns
5 = A Fear of phobias
6 = G Fear of long words
7 = H Fear of the Pope
8 = E Fear of puppets
9 = F Fear of going to school
10 = B Fear of teenagers

I did some crafting in the wee hours of this morning. The time change and my body are out of whack. I will post those later.