Saturday, September 29, 2007


Cubs Win, Cubs Win!!!
The Cubbies, my team has won the National League Central Division title and will be advancing to post season play!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blog Candy

Well, Simone has won the blog candy for answering my question about how to have a name connect you to a blog. However, I do have lots of stuff, so anyone that leaves a comment and sends me their name and mailing address to: with the subject line "blog candy", I will send you some crafty stuff too. Deadline for crafty goodness e-mails will be 9/30/2007.

Halloween Swapping

So, I joined a Halloween swap hosted by my friends Simone: and Elizabeth:
You can read the details here:

I got my partner, Michelle, and we have exchanged an e-mail. You MUST go check out the cards that Michelle makes, they are "to die for". On the talent scale, I am at the newbie level and Michelle is truly a professional veteran. I would easily dish out my hard cold cash for her cards. (Family and friends who receive cards from me, do not be disappointed that mine are not as wonderful as Michelle's). Really go check out her cards at:

Now, this is more a techie question "How do I get the typed name to automatically link to the website of that person?" I have seen this on other blogs and all that is typed is the person's name (example: Simone) and if you clicked on her name it would take you to her website ( If someone can let me know how to do this it would be immensely appreciated. If you leave me the answer on how to do this then I will send out some blog candy to you. Those that know me know that I have tons of crafty supplies and sharing would be a good thing. So let me know how to link to another site and you will get some crafting goodies.

Tonight is Part II of the accounting test and I am freaking out about the whole thing. If tonight is anything like Tuesday all I can say is YIKERS!!!!

Have a good Thursday!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

One Down, One To Go

Well, the first test is history. If tomorrow's test is anything like the one last night then I know that I will fail. It won't be for lack of studying or effort. There were 8 multiple choice (all computational) and three problems. There was only one person who turned in their test before she made us turn them in because class was over. At one point I had a panic attack and couldn't remember if common stock had a debit or credit balance on the balance sheet. I did the whole, take a deep breath, go to another problem and come back and in the end I went with my gut and said credit balance, and the first thing that I did when I got to my car was pull out my book to check. To my relief, common stock carries a credit balance on the balance sheet which meant that my calculations were correct. Now all I have to do is pray that the numbers I was adding were the right numbers. I did manage to make three cards last night after school. I was so cranked up after the test that I needed something to relax me and get me ready to want to sleep. The stickers and dimentionals were from my stash. The dimensionals were from Michael's and the stickers I believe came on a sheet from Archiver's. The cardstock is SU and the patterned paper is from a two-sided stack pack bought at Archiver's. The silver bat brads are from Making Memories. The bat cutouts on the card with the witch were done with the Martha Stewart punch.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I didn't get much done this weekend. I have a two part test this week at school. Tuesday night we will have the first part (50 points) covering Chapters 1 & 2. Thursday night the remaining 50 points covering Chapters 3 & 4. I spent some of my weekend studying, watching my beloved Cubbies sweep the Pirates and take a 3.5 game lead over the Brewers in the NL Central. I did make two cards, not too excited over either one but I had to use my new Martha Stewart Halloween ribbon. The ribbon is self-adhesive, the "bones" double sided patterned paper is from a Halloween stack bought at Archiver's. The "bad to the bone" stamp is SU, the scalloped punch is also SU. The cardstock is SU. The sentiment is a stamp from the $1 bin at Michael's.

The remaining pictures are of my little girl, Gidget. Pardon the mess on the floor behind her in some of the pics, part of the giant purge. I have AmVets coming on the 2nd of October and I have bags and stacks staged for the front porch on that day.

I took this pic from above so that the card would stay closed.
Here is the card standing up, it distorts the purple cardstock and makes it look uneven, hence the pic above shot from above with the card laying flat.

Close up of Gidget taking a break from chewing her rawhide.

Gidget keeping those purly whites clean with her rawhide.

Gidge heard something outside and has taken the "I'll protect you" stance.

Here is the first card that I did and I wasn't happy with the scallop. I felt that it made the card "too girly-like" and it's supposed to be more frightening.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ahoy Matey

So today is "Talk Like A Pirate Day", ARGH!!!!
So Mates and Wenches please remember to shiver your timbers and hoist a mug of grog to the those sea pirates of yester-year, lest you have to walk the plank.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Crafty Saturday

Saturday became a crafty day for me due to a cancellation of the day's plans. I needed to catch up on cards and to play with some of my new sets. I didn't write down the specifics for each card, if you would like details, please leave a comment and I will get the products used. This card is all SU with the exception of the lace edge punch which I believe is a Fiskar's product. I know that the image was stamped on River Rock cardstock.

To show the lace effect I added a small piece of the darker purple on the inside of the card so that the lace "lays on top" when the card is closed.

A slight variation on the above card. This one was reversed. The lace edge is on the bottom and the card is cut a bit smaller than a standard 5-1/2" x 4-1/4". The Happy Birthday stamp is from a set bought at Michael's with all calligraphy style sayings.

With the exception of the patterned paper and the purple snaps all products are stampin up. The image was stamped on Certainly Celery.

A closer look.

SU double sided patterned paper from this year's Halloween collection. Retired tag stamp, small and slightly larger SU tag punches.

A closer look.
I promise to write down the details for any future card postings.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Card Pics

This like the one below is made from a "Stack Pack" that I bought at JoAnne Fabrics with my 40% off coupon. The patterned paper set on the diagonal is raised with pop dots. I was color coding my paper and came across this pack and decided to do some VERY, VERY basic cards just to say that I crafted something.
This card is from a "stack pack" that was purchased at JoAnne Fabrics with my 40% off coupon. The cardstock is just a cream from Michaels and the patterned paper was from the stack. Very, very basic but I need to get the mojo going.

This is a close up of the pic below, it is out of focus so I need to work on that. The stamp is a SU tag stamp from a retired set. The cardstock and patterned paper is from my stash and too old for me to even know what brand and from where I got it. I made one of these cards to send to my sister-in-law for her birthday on the 16th and kept this second one for my stash. The one sent to my SIL was the better of the two.

I need to find a better place for photo taking. This in on the windowsill behind my desk.

At last, I have not only created some VERY BASIC cards this past weekend but I have pictures. YEA!!!

Another One

Here is the cropped version of the previous Gidget post.

New Digi Pictures

This is the pic that I kept from last night when I was playing with the new camera. This is my little girl Gidget in her digital camera debut.
She looks completely freaked out by the camera and the flash.

This is so cool.

The Camera is Here

Last night when I came home from my manicure the box from Best Buy with my new digital camera was waiting for me.

Long story short, it needed to be charged so my playing time was very limited.

I have brought it to work and hope that I have some time to play with it here.
Today I have to compile and call in a payroll so I am going to work diligently to get my work done so that I can play.

More later, I hope!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Forest

My brother has been going to the local forest preserve for many years with the dogs.

Now that we only have our little Gidget he has more time to document the activities of the forest. Here are some pictures that were taken during the last 6 weeks. It is amazing how tame the deer are, even Gidget is not afraid of them or they of her. After all she is a "killer chihuahua" LOL! All this only about 3 miles from my Chicago home.

Six Years Later

I am sure everyone can remember where they were on September 11, 2001.
Even if you didn't know anyone personally it affected your life in many ways.

Many things have changed in the past six years.

Two wars were started.

A horrible hurricane took away lives and ruined many others.

Countless other events that may have affected you, your family or community.

So today as we remember what life used to be like before that awful day six years ago visit this website and see if there is something that you would like to do in remembrance.

God Bless all those that suffered six years ago and during the last six years during any horrible event that you may have experienced.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Big Plunge and Other Random Things

So, with a click of my mouse on the purchase button, I just purchased a digital camera.
Scary stuff, since I have no idea how to operate a digi camera.
At least while I get to know the camera this blog will have pics, probably more bad than good until I can figure out how to use it.
I bought it from Best Buy online and it came with free shipping. YEA!!!!
10.2 mexapixals and 5x zoom, whatever that means, LOL.
It's a Kodak, figure go with a good mid-price name and ease of use as many have said.
I even had a gift card in my wallet worth $10.00 which is just about what the sales tax cost me. So to me it was the Best Buy, ha ha ha.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Who Would Have Thought

Fruit of the Month: Figs. Most of our knowledge of figs is of Fig Newton's. However, figs can be enjoyed fresh or as a healthy substitute for your favorite recipes. Use puréed figs to replace shortening, oil or butter in any baked good to reduce fat and calories. Fresh figs are available July through September and dried figs can be found year round. Figs contain more fiber in a 1/4 cup serving than any other fruit. Mix fresh cut up figs in a smoothie or yogurt snack for a sweet treat.

Just a little something from the good friends at Bally's.


This post is for Michelle to answer her questions that she left in response to a previous post.

I am two classes (counting the one that I just started) away from my Bachelor's in Accounting.
Something that I started in my late thirties and hope to finish by the end of my forties.

Hang in there Michelle. It is not easy to work full time and go to school but it is worth it (I hope) in the end. If you can swing going full time you will definitely be done so much sooner than it took me, toiling away one or two classes at a time. I say "GO FOR IT". If you find it's too much you can always go back to work and do classes part time.

Now just a word about school. For those of you who know me and know about the Finance class that I took last fall and my term paper partner "Stink Boy". (You can read about "Stink Boy" in previous posts from last fall) Well, I saw him at school. He takes a class that is in the same classroom right after my class. He was standing outside the class when I exited and he was talking to someone else. Still looks the same and because I wasn't close enough I don't know if he still "smells" the same. Glad to see that he is still going for his degree. I will post if we have any conversations as the terms progresses.

Not quite sure what to make of my professor. I know that she is tough, enough people have had to drop her class and take her again to prove that. The part that freaks me out is that she is constantly saying in class. "If you are in this class that means that you had to pass 321 and 322. This should be a review for you, if you are lost and don't understand you should drop this class."
I am beginning to wonder if she gets a kick back from the university for how many people she can get to take and drop her course. Not a very good confidence builder.

So, Michelle, by all means pursure school, it will enrich you. Hopefully you will not have any evil teachers. Everyone, please say a prayer that I make it through this class only ONE time.

A Slacker

Wow, I have just made some of the rounds of the creative woman whose blogs I now visit. Such talent is out there that it makes me feel like such a slacker. Many of these woman have families and jobs and yet there is always a new card or layout for everyone to view.

My only excuse is that I must be a slacker. I have all the necessary tools at my disposal but never seem to "find the time". If that's not a cope out I don't know what is.

My new resolution, to make two new cards each week. I figure I'll start out small and maybe just crafting will inspire me to do more.

Thank you to all the blogs that I visit for inspiration, keep up the good work.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Holiday Weekends

Well, summer is over, at least on the calendar it is.

With the passage of the Labor Day holiday and school starting, the summer of 2007 is in the books. In some ways I am ready for fall and in others I am kicking and screaming like a two year old having a temper tantrum. I don't want to have to deal with school but know that I must in order to get it over with. Being so close to graduation makes me both happy and a bit scared. Scared because I have already missed one of the two classes held last week and I feel a bit behind already which is not a good sign after just two classes. I hope that one of my classmates will let me copy their notes tonight so that I can keep up with what was covered during Thursday's class.

My holiday weekend was spent at home because of my cold. I had a party to go to but couldn't bring myself to go and possibly infect any of my family or friends with this horrid cold. I have my voice back but it is still raspy and my lungs are still full of gunk.

More progress was made in the ongoing purge and I took two boxes and a bag to the Salvation Army on Sunday morning. Two more bags are ready, along with another box.

The problem that I was having with the rear tail-light/turn signal sockets of my car has been remedied. I called a local Pontiac dealer and told them what I needed, they had some in stock, Rick drove over to the dealer then out to the new office and fixed me up. I can now drive confidently knowing that I will have brake lights and turn signals. I just have to get my rear brakes done (hopefully this Saturday) and my car will be on it's way to being ready for the cold winter of Chicago.

I got more organized in the craft cellar and even made a birthday card (and one extra for my stash) for my co-worker Kerrie. I have taken pics and will post when I get the film developed. Only 8 more pics to take and then I will take the film in. I stamped a bunch of images that I want to color and hope to have more cards to take pics of this week.

Does anyone know where I can get a large (larger than the one offered by SU) scalloped circle punch? If you do, please let me know. I have an idea in my head and need a larger scalloped circle to make it right, at least in my mind's eye.

How was your holiday weekend?