Wednesday, September 05, 2007


This post is for Michelle to answer her questions that she left in response to a previous post.

I am two classes (counting the one that I just started) away from my Bachelor's in Accounting.
Something that I started in my late thirties and hope to finish by the end of my forties.

Hang in there Michelle. It is not easy to work full time and go to school but it is worth it (I hope) in the end. If you can swing going full time you will definitely be done so much sooner than it took me, toiling away one or two classes at a time. I say "GO FOR IT". If you find it's too much you can always go back to work and do classes part time.

Now just a word about school. For those of you who know me and know about the Finance class that I took last fall and my term paper partner "Stink Boy". (You can read about "Stink Boy" in previous posts from last fall) Well, I saw him at school. He takes a class that is in the same classroom right after my class. He was standing outside the class when I exited and he was talking to someone else. Still looks the same and because I wasn't close enough I don't know if he still "smells" the same. Glad to see that he is still going for his degree. I will post if we have any conversations as the terms progresses.

Not quite sure what to make of my professor. I know that she is tough, enough people have had to drop her class and take her again to prove that. The part that freaks me out is that she is constantly saying in class. "If you are in this class that means that you had to pass 321 and 322. This should be a review for you, if you are lost and don't understand you should drop this class."
I am beginning to wonder if she gets a kick back from the university for how many people she can get to take and drop her course. Not a very good confidence builder.

So, Michelle, by all means pursure school, it will enrich you. Hopefully you will not have any evil teachers. Everyone, please say a prayer that I make it through this class only ONE time.


Michelle said...

I am praying you make it through this class! I'm sure you will!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Oh, I love Michelle, she is so sweet, isn't she!
At least you don't have stinkboy in your class this semester, now that would be bad.
If I started school again, I would probably be 60 by the time I finished! Good luck Connie!