Friday, September 07, 2007

The Big Plunge and Other Random Things

So, with a click of my mouse on the purchase button, I just purchased a digital camera.
Scary stuff, since I have no idea how to operate a digi camera.
At least while I get to know the camera this blog will have pics, probably more bad than good until I can figure out how to use it.
I bought it from Best Buy online and it came with free shipping. YEA!!!!
10.2 mexapixals and 5x zoom, whatever that means, LOL.
It's a Kodak, figure go with a good mid-price name and ease of use as many have said.
I even had a gift card in my wallet worth $10.00 which is just about what the sales tax cost me. So to me it was the Best Buy, ha ha ha.


SpAzzGiRL said...

Thank goodness!
It is easier than you think, don't let the manual scare ya. If you need a lazy girl lesson on digital cameras, let me know, I'll come over and school ya.

Michelle said...

Oh, wow, a huge purchase! Good luck with your new Digi cam!

Deborah said...

I have had a Kodak Easy Share for years and it has been so darn reliable and soooooo easy to use! WOW 10 mega pixels! I only have 5! You are stepping out! You will love it! Deb