Thursday, September 27, 2007

Halloween Swapping

So, I joined a Halloween swap hosted by my friends Simone: and Elizabeth:
You can read the details here:

I got my partner, Michelle, and we have exchanged an e-mail. You MUST go check out the cards that Michelle makes, they are "to die for". On the talent scale, I am at the newbie level and Michelle is truly a professional veteran. I would easily dish out my hard cold cash for her cards. (Family and friends who receive cards from me, do not be disappointed that mine are not as wonderful as Michelle's). Really go check out her cards at:

Now, this is more a techie question "How do I get the typed name to automatically link to the website of that person?" I have seen this on other blogs and all that is typed is the person's name (example: Simone) and if you clicked on her name it would take you to her website ( If someone can let me know how to do this it would be immensely appreciated. If you leave me the answer on how to do this then I will send out some blog candy to you. Those that know me know that I have tons of crafty supplies and sharing would be a good thing. So let me know how to link to another site and you will get some crafting goodies.

Tonight is Part II of the accounting test and I am freaking out about the whole thing. If tonight is anything like Tuesday all I can say is YIKERS!!!!

Have a good Thursday!


SpAzzGiRL said...

Michelle is fab.
Easy question...Type person's name, then highlight there name (drag mouse over), then click the little symbol with the chain and globe (I think that's what it is), then type or paste their website in the pop up.
Hope that made sense.
Roll your mouse over the little symbols and you should be able to see which one is to add a link.
Free advice, I need more stuff like a hole in the head!

Michelle said...

OK, I'm seriously blushing.
But thank you!