Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sunday Craftiness Part III

Here are the last two cards that I made on Sunday with the "Ultimate Scrapbooking Stack" from Hobby Lobby.

The "LOVE" word is a sticker and though it had matching patterned paper it was actually lighter in color than the patterned paper. All of the paper was from the stack pack and I just used a circle punch to punch the little flowers out of the patterned paper. The small circles on the bottom and the Love rectangle are raised using pop dots.

The "happy" word and flowers are a sticker and the remaining papers are from the stack pack. I used a series of circle punches and my circle cutter to make this card. Pretty simple but I had fun using items from this pack. As you can see I have non SU patterned paper up the ying yang and need to begin using it or it will begin to take over the house, even more than it already does. I have a sickness that won't allow me to walk out of a craft store without a purchase. I have learned this lesson the hard way, buy it if you love it because it may not be there in the future. That has happened to me at the quilting store, the general fabric store, and numerous scrapbooking stores. So, if I have the means I buy it and figure I hopefully have a decade or two to use them up before I go to the big crafting room in the sky.

The Beauty of Autumn

Sunday was not the best day to take pictures outside. It wasn't one of those bright sunny days but I wanted to capture the tree out front of my house before it lost all of it's leaves. I also wanted to play with my camera and try and take some photos "free hand" without resting the camera on something. I found that the zoom really can't be used when you are already close to an item (see blurry photos). So, I was just playing and thought that I would share some of the nice fall colors that were outside of my house.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Canadian Goodness!!!

I received more goodies from Michelle from our Halloween swap this weekend. Michelle you are so nice and funny. You sent me these lovely gifts because you felt bad about the money I spent on postage for your goodies, but girl, you spent WAY TOO MUCH on postage for this package. I LOVE all the goodies and thank you VERY MUCH for your thoughtfulness!!!
All of the goodies are things that I can't get down here in the states so this makes the package super special!

Here is the wonderful thank you card that Michelle made and sent with the package.
Here is a not so great grouping shot of the goodies.
A wonderful scrapbooking magazine that I know that I will be stealing ideas from to use in cards and eventually some scrapbook pages.
This is the last time this package of chocolates was full. LOL!!! Delicious and worth every sinful calorie.

Last but not least, (I'm guessing because I'm a HUGE Mickey Mouse and Disney fan) a card made by Michelle for me to use in the future.


More Sunday Crafting

Here is another card from the "Ultimate Scrapbook Stack" bought at Hobby Lobby. The word smile and the dots above and below it are a sticker. The remaining patterned paper and textured cardstock come from the stack. The brads are from my stash.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday Crafting

I made this card from "the ultimate scrapbook stack" bought at Hobby Lobby.
The "love flowers" are a sticker, the textured cardstock and the patterned paper are all from the stack. The beige flowers were punched using my SU punch and the brads came from my stash. I don't really like this card but I did my best. I can't decide is something is missing or there is too much!

A Question????

I need some help, please!!!
I am in my annual craft fair on 11/10 and although I have been doing this for years, always have the hardest time pricing my stuff.
So, here is where you come in.
Please take a moment to leave me some feedback of how much would you pay for the item below?
It is one package of bath salts (one application) that I bought for $1.00. The remainder is stamping supply stuff (SU double sided paper, ribbon, cardstock and a stamped image).
Once I got the demo done it really wasn't hard to assemble.
So PLEASE........ How much would you pay for this?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Swap Delights IV

Here is the item that Michelle altered and in which all of the goodies from the previous posts were contained. Look how nicely the can looks hanging next to my dining room curtains LOL!

A closer look at all of Michelle's handiwork.
Look at all the individual bows of ribbon tied to the handle. All that measuring and tying, Yikers!

There is a tea light/votive candle holder on the side of the can.
A close up of the metal pumpkin that adorns the top.

A closer look at all the ribbons that were tied to the handle. The lid has the same blue patterned paper on it, I forgot to take a picture of it. Love this paper, the ribbons, the pumpkin...oh heck, I love it all, the container, the contents and all the hard work that was put into it. Thanks Michelle!

I truly love all the goodies that you took the time to make for me Michelle and the many things that you bought. I will be using the supplies and you will see them in future posts. The hard part will be deciding what to start with first. I guess I'll just have to sit down, ponder that dilemma and eat some of my candy! I am very grateful for all of your hard work Michelle.

Swap Delight Part III

Isn't he the greatest? Stamp him in versamark, black embossing powder, then some stickles? A little green where his skin is showing....Hmmmm, many possibilities.
I can feel the Prismacolors coming out for this one. I hope my Gamsol comes soon.
Look at these cool ribbons. Maybe those sliders from an earlier post will be used with these. I feel experimenting in my future.
Not a great picture because of the glare from the flash. This is a clear stamp with the word "forever" on it. This one would be excellent in a wedding card that I will have to make for a wedding this December.
This plate for dry embossing can be used for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I'm thinking chalks over the dry embossed image.
Here are great examples (BAD pictures) of the handmade cards that Michelle included in my package. I love the way that she designs and lays out the card. Michelle has such a good eye for combining different papers and they always manage to look great together. Sorry for the poor quality on the pics, I will be bringing the whole box of goodies to work tomorrow to show off and I will take new pics of the cards that will do them justice.

You really can't see it in the pictures but these alphabet stickers are glittery. They just scream (pun intended) Halloween.

Muchos Gracias Michelle!!!!

Swap Delight Part II


Look at these buttons!!! Are they not the bomb? Check out Lil' Frank with his Trick or Treat bag. The green face on the witch is priceless. I have ideas spinning in my head for these little guys.
Maybe some of these will make it on to a cross-stitched towel. Perhaps the ghosts on either side of the word "BOO"? Hmmmm, my mind is turning.

I had to take these acryllic slides out of the package because I couldn't get a good picture. Sorry for the glare from the flash. I have tons of ribbon that would work with these slides. The problem will be in choosing which ribbon, LOL!!!

Here is a better picture with less glare.

BOO CREW, love it!!!
Me and My Mummy, love it!!!!
I have not seen these rub-ons in ANY of the numerous scrapbooking stores that I visit.
I am going to have soooooooo much fun using these!
One of my most favorite words!

Swap Delight Part I

I have to do this in sections because Blogger is pokey joeing about uploading pictures, and I took a ton for all the wonderful goodies that I received from my swap partner Michelle. Let me just tell you that Michelle was working her fingers to the bone. There is sooooo much handmade goodness in my package that I still haven't fully played with it all. I wanted to take pictures last night and get them on here so that everyone can see the wonderful things that Michelle sent to me.

Here is the stamped and constructed basket container that has my munchable goodies inside.
CANDY, I love CANDY and this basket was FULL!!!
Don't you just love those eyeball gumballs? I have a feeling that maybe there might be something gooey inside? I'll let you know...
Another look at the sweet goodness that is just waiting to invade my taste buds.
There is PLENTY more, so stop by later today to see more of the presents that I received. I hope to be able to sneak "away" from work throughout the day and do more posts.