Monday, October 15, 2007

CSI: Miami

I enjoy the CSI's (all that is except the one in New York). Something about the main female in the show and her previous show where she was a doctor was the reason I didn't get into that version.

So anyhow...last season I got involved in watching "What About Brian" which was on opposite to CSI: Miami. I didn't catch the reruns this past summer. So, since "What About Brian" is not on yet this season and I can watch CSI: Miami on demand to catch up I watched this season's opener this weekend. WHOA, alot that I don't know about has happened and I was wondering if there are any CSI: Miami fans out there that can catch me up on last season?

Who ended up being the spy/snitch?
Wasn't Horacio going to marry someone's sister?
What happened to the guy with the eye injury? Why is he off the team and trying to get back on?
Who's the new police guy?

Anyone who can help with the answers to my questions it will be greatly appreciated.


oceansidecindy said...

I have not been watching CSI Miami so I can't help you with that. I can tell you that I also was a watcher of "What About Brian" and I really liked the show. The Brian character was previously on "Seventh Heaven" and is a cancer survivor. He is now on the show with Christina Applegate called "Oh Samantha" or something like that.I have seen other characters from his show on other shows so I guess we won't see "What About Brian" in the new season. As an after thought I do sometimes watch CSI (LasVegas)that's the only one I got into.

SpAzzGiRL said...

I'm still crying over the cancellation of WAB...I LOVED that show. I don't do CSI but my tv watching is pretty slim these days, where did all the good shows go?

Crafty Connie said...

Damn! They cancelled WAB! I was hoping that it was going to come back as the new show in the new year. When I saw "Brian" on tv last night with Christina Applegate I kinda thought it was cancelled. Bummer!!!

Michelle said...

OK, Horatio married Marisole, Eric Delko's sister. She was murdered.
Ryan Wolfe was fired because of his gambling, which may have interefered with evidence.
The snitch was Natalia Boa Vista.
Horatia found out just 2 episodes ago that he has a 14 (?) year old son.
The new cop? I don't mean the bald guy? He used to be the detective...for some reason he is now in uniform, I don't know why.