Monday, October 29, 2007

A Question????

I need some help, please!!!
I am in my annual craft fair on 11/10 and although I have been doing this for years, always have the hardest time pricing my stuff.
So, here is where you come in.
Please take a moment to leave me some feedback of how much would you pay for the item below?
It is one package of bath salts (one application) that I bought for $1.00. The remainder is stamping supply stuff (SU double sided paper, ribbon, cardstock and a stamped image).
Once I got the demo done it really wasn't hard to assemble.
So PLEASE........ How much would you pay for this?


Michelle said...

I think 3.00. That is what I charge for snowman soup.

Crafty Connie said...

Thanks Michelle, I was thinking about $2.50 but I'll price them at $3.00 and worse case scenario, I can always mark them down to $2.50.

oceansidecindy said...

I say price it at $5.00. I live in California where everyone pays through the nose for everything.
Only kidding. If I can pick up any of those bath salts for you out here I will. What size is the actual package?

Jen said...

I would say $5. Don't forget about your labor and time girl... that is worth some $$$$ too - and that'll go towards any fees that you had to pay to get into the fair (if any), if not, then more for you. But $5 is good.


Rita said...

I agree $5. If you think that is too much then go $4. that should cover everything, you know your area better than we do, but $4 or $5 is great. Good luck

Ijsbeer said...

I would pay 5 too:) Its lovely made and it takes time even though supplies cost less.