Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Swap Delight Part I

I have to do this in sections because Blogger is pokey joeing about uploading pictures, and I took a ton for all the wonderful goodies that I received from my swap partner Michelle. Let me just tell you that Michelle was working her fingers to the bone. There is sooooo much handmade goodness in my package that I still haven't fully played with it all. I wanted to take pictures last night and get them on here so that everyone can see the wonderful things that Michelle sent to me.

Here is the stamped and constructed basket container that has my munchable goodies inside.
CANDY, I love CANDY and this basket was FULL!!!
Don't you just love those eyeball gumballs? I have a feeling that maybe there might be something gooey inside? I'll let you know...
Another look at the sweet goodness that is just waiting to invade my taste buds.
There is PLENTY more, so stop by later today to see more of the presents that I received. I hope to be able to sneak "away" from work throughout the day and do more posts.


Flossie's Follies said...

What great goodies, Michelle is a sweetie. Just been visiting your blog, love your cards, you are very creative. Know what you mean about the learning curve of a new camera, still working on my curve.

Kristi Sauer said...

Great swap! I am all about this next year when i am not in grad school full time anymore!

Michelle said...

My curves are becoming more and more lumpy as i get older...
Glad the package finally arrived. Hope you enjoy everything!
I had a blast making everything!