Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Halloween Swap Goodies Part I

Okay, when I started to pack up the box that is going out to Michelle, my Halloween swap partner, I decided that I could post some of the pictures because they don't reveal the actual "gifts". There is a card (not disclosed) and another package (not disclosed) that will remain a surprise. These will be going out tomorrow either via UPS (paperwork that I didn't know needed to be filled out and that is why they didn't leave today) or via U.S. Mail depending on whether I can get to the post office tomorrow at lunch.

Like stated below, the only thing not wrapped is the package of Frankenstein towels so I am not really letting out the secret of my swap, just the wrappings.

Here are some of the treats, everything is wrapped so it doesn't give it away except for the Frankenstein towels. I had a blast wrapping these things.

This is the card that I made for Max, my friend Simone's son because he is dealing with Venn Diagrams at school and they are a challenge (believe me, I know, when in my 40's I had to deal with them in a statistics class). I found paper that kinda resembled Venn Diagrams and made a very feeble attempt at making my own. Not the best card but the feelings were in it.


Michelle said...!
I am still working on yours! Well, the sltered item is done, and the cards are done, and the non-scrapping halloween gift is done, but i'm still trying to find halloween supplies here in Loserville. I may need to go to ottawa! It will be mailed on Saturday, though!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Ok so, note to self: keep Connie as your own partner next time there is a swap!
Max will love that card, it should be here today and man, I thought Venn Diagrams were hard, the problem he had yesterday had the whole family puzzled, I called everybody!! lol