Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Just General Stuff

Well, this weekend wasn't that eventful. Like most Friday nights I just vegetate because the week finally catches up with me and I am tired.

Saturday I came into work for a few hours then drove out to my Mom's (I am now 1/2 way there when I am at the office) and we went to lunch. My sister Jenny and BIL Tom joined us. They were fortunate enough (or maybe not) to be going to the Cubs game that evening. (The Cubs were swept by the Arizona Diamondbacks 3 games to nothing in the best of 5 series). Found out that the scrapbooking store that I was hunting for last weekend was right under my nose, but they no longer sell the usual scrappin' stuff, they just do custom wedding invitations. My discount punch card that was almost full is useless at the new store. MAJOR BUMMER!!!

Saturday night I went over to my cousin Fran's house for dinner. Watched some of the horrible Cubs game and was super bummed because I had $20.00 on the game.

Sunday, went to Target and picked up a few things (gift wrapping bows and ribbons at a deep discount, yeah!!!). Then over to Hallmark for wrapping paper for the bridal shower gift for my good friend Bubbles' son's wedding shower. Those of you who know me know that I am VERY anal retentive about my wrapping, LOL!!! I also bought two Christmas gifts while I was out on my shopping excursions. Worked on a card for my buddy Max (Simone's son) I'll post it when I know that he has received his package in the mail. Received some of the mail ordered items for my swap buddy Michelle's Halloween gift. I have to get those goodies out to her soon as they are travelling north to Canada. The rest of the weekend was very ordinary, dull and boring. I hope to post pictures soon as I have been slacking and there is no excuse since I have a new camera.


SpAzzGiRL said...

yeah, I heard that store changed their format, but I had never gone there. But I hear there is a store opening in Arlington Heights soon.
Oh and I went to this store WAY up north, Antioch this weekend that was super cool and had everything, like a Hobby Lobby meets a boutique, super cool.

oceansidecindy said...

Connie we have been to that store in Antioch. Remeber?? They did have some cool things. Sorry to hear the Cubs blew it. There are a lot of Cubs and Bears fans here in sunny Cal. Watch yourself with buying things on sale soon you will have containers full..........

Ijsbeer said...

aw sorry cubs lost!