Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh The Treasure You Find

I found four of these partially complete cards while cleaning up my craft area. I am not sure why they were not completed but I finished them for this Christmas, which is only 304 days away!

Don't forget to leave a comment for Trashy-Tuesday, the drawing is tonight.

Trash Winners

If you are a winner of a Trash-Tuesday give-away you can send me your information to me via e-mail.

My e-mail is in my profile, but to make matters more simple here it is:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank You Mass Production

This card is currently in mass production for my not so recent graduation party. Most are on their way to the my family and friends and that is why I now feel comfortable posting the card.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trash-Tuesday IV

Here is this week's trash. If you are interested in this item leave a comment before Monday and you will be in the drawing. Thirty six (36") of ribbon with beaded faux X-mas light trim. Click on the photo to get a better view.

Last week's winner is Kasie. Please e-mail me your mailing address so that I can get your trash out to you.

A New Venture

Today I took a big step. I listed a handmade crocheted pink baby afghan on Etsy. This is my first venture trying to sell my wares on that site. I usually do craft fairs to sell my handmade stuff. I almost have a baby green crochet afghan finished and hope to get that one out in the blog-world.

So, if you looking for a baby afghan in pink, hop on over to my Etsy shop. My Etsy name is konnie. Below you will find a preview of the afghan for you viewing pleasure.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Electronic Age

Slowly I am entering the electronic age. Sure I have a TV with a built in DVD player and without that I would not be able to watch DVD's because my bedroom TV is still hooked up to a VCR.

My car is older and has a cassette player so the CD's that I own are played on a different player (down in my office in the craft cellar).

I treated myself to an extravagance about a month ago, an iPod Nano. After much trouble and a return to the store because my new iPod was "corrupted" I finally got it to load a few songs that I downloaded from the iTunes store. I had a whole 20 minutes of music that I have been listening to for more than ten days.

I have been instructed via a phone call how to copy CD's onto my computer and then download them onto the iPod. I have a tone of CD's and need to save money and use the music I already own than to purchase songs from iTunes. Well, I was able to load two CD's onto my iTunes account and then I sync'd (wow speaking the new electronic lingo) it with my iPod and now comes the test, did it work?

I am going upstairs to work on a baby afghan (soon to be for sale in my esty store) and listen to what is hopefully new loaded for free songs on my iPod.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Cold

This cute little girl has a cold.
I wasn't aware that dogs could get colds, but they do.
She has watery eyes and nasel congestion.
She is not coughing and she has started sneezing so I am hoping that she is going to clear things up without a trip to the vet.
However, if she is not better by tonight then I am making an appointment with the vet for Saturday.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trash-Tuesday III

Congratulations to Leigh Anne!
You are the winner of last week's trash (clear Valentine stamps).
Please send me your address and I will get the goodies out to you.

Here is this week's trash looking for a good home. If you desire these cute embellishments please leave a comment by 2/16 and you will be in the drawing for my trash. (Click on the picture to get a better look at them)

Monday, February 09, 2009

A Small Step

About 1-1/2 years ago the company that I work for moved. I hated this move because it added miles to my commute but the health club chain that I belong to had a club right across the street. I had started going there on what was a regular basis for me. For a health addict it would be considered periodically. Well, there is a club close to my house and in between work and home. However in that 1-1/2 years I have never stopped there to work out. Why? Because I was afraid!!!

I was afraid of looking like the dork that didn't know where anything was. I was afraid that I would look like the dork that had to have an employee show me around.

All because of my fear I have been getting lazier and more out of shape. So, yesterday after watching the taped episode of The Biggest Loser that I missed last Tuesday I decided that I am a big girl and should just get my fat can to the club.

I did it!!!!
I went (of course when I walked in there wasn't a sole to be found at the front desk) and figured out where the women's locker room was. Followed two women (no not stalking) out of the locker room to what I was hoping was the cardio room. My relief was apparent on my face when in fact they led me to the cardio room.

This club has tv's on the treadmills! I wish that I had brought headphones and I could have listened to the movie that I was watching, but at least it had the hearing impaired feature turned on and I was able to read what was being said. I did a 1/2 hour on the treadmill and then decided that was enough since I had about 5 loads of laundry at home that needed to get done.

I left the club and have decided that tomorrow night straight from work that I will be going again.

Small steps, it can all be done with just a few small steps in the right direction.

Friday, February 06, 2009


It's Friday!
This has been a loooonnnnnggggg week for me.
I don't know why, just feel like I am fighting off a cold or something.
I'm tired, and well, I have to be honest, I don't sleep enough.
I have an appointment tomorrow at 10:30 and my plan is to stay in bed until or past the time that the sun comes up.
I am just going to chill out on Sunday and hope that this plan will result in a more refreshed and peppy me come Monday.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to leave comments so that you will be in the drawing for my Trashy Tuesday give away. (once the item is yours you may do ANYTHING with it, so leave a comment).

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Trashy-Tuesday II

Up for grabs this week is this stamp set. I have secured it with another person in a safe place and those that leave comments will be put into a drawing for THIS stamp set. (See post below)

C.Good if you would please e-mail me your address I will get out your "trash" from last week.

Leave your comment by Monday, February 9th to qualify for this Trashy-Tuesday.

The Black Hole

I always knew that I lived in a black hole. I have been working on purging the clutter and getting organized so that once and for all I would emerge from that black hole and live a "normal" life.

I am VERY saddened to report that the black hole has followed me to my office.

The cute birthday set that was up for finding a new home on the rockily (nice new word) started Trashy - Tuesday has been sucked up by the office black hole. I have looked high and low (and let me tell you the stuff I found under my desk was scary).

The only thing that I can think of is that I put it somewhere for safe keeping. I also know that once I resolve this issue the stamp set will show up.


In the interim, all those that left comments will get a gift, unfortunately the stamp set destined to go to the winner is currently MIA and I will have to substitute. I hope that you will not hold this against me but will embrace free stuff. I will be posting this week's Trashy-Tuesday give away and will give my co-worker that item for safe keeping. The replacement "trash" will be just as nice, just not what was advertised.