Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Electronic Age

Slowly I am entering the electronic age. Sure I have a TV with a built in DVD player and without that I would not be able to watch DVD's because my bedroom TV is still hooked up to a VCR.

My car is older and has a cassette player so the CD's that I own are played on a different player (down in my office in the craft cellar).

I treated myself to an extravagance about a month ago, an iPod Nano. After much trouble and a return to the store because my new iPod was "corrupted" I finally got it to load a few songs that I downloaded from the iTunes store. I had a whole 20 minutes of music that I have been listening to for more than ten days.

I have been instructed via a phone call how to copy CD's onto my computer and then download them onto the iPod. I have a tone of CD's and need to save money and use the music I already own than to purchase songs from iTunes. Well, I was able to load two CD's onto my iTunes account and then I sync'd (wow speaking the new electronic lingo) it with my iPod and now comes the test, did it work?

I am going upstairs to work on a baby afghan (soon to be for sale in my esty store) and listen to what is hopefully new loaded for free songs on my iPod.

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Anonymous said...

You are too funny! I love that bout my iPhone. Being able to listen to music. And the clarity is incredible! Remember the Walkmans? Huge improvement. I wonder if my son even knows what a Walkman is!