Friday, May 28, 2010

How does your garden grow?

During my gall bladder surgery recovery I have been spending my time out in my yard, playing in the dirt. Of course since most of my garden is made up of perennials it doesn't take much work on my part. I have to thank my sister Cindy for doing most of the work cleaning out one of my raised beds. She cleaned out and reset the bricks in the back of the bed. (It's the one with the large black Mickey Mouse plant hanger with the new yellow tickweed). These are the pictures of the flowers that are blooming right now. Unfortunately I didn't get my camera out earlier to catch the blooming of the tulips and the dwarf irises. I will try to keep up to date as new flowers spread their beautiful petals.

This year there are two new attempts at food: strawberries and cucumbers. I'll note their progress as the season moves on.

Have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day Holiday weekend.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where Oh Where Did You Go?

It must have been the combination of a relaxing vacation and the anesthesia but my crafty mojo has disappeared. What a horrible time to be absent when the only thing that I am able to do is work/read/craft. I cannot lift anything that weighs 10 lbs or more so that eliminates the projects that I want to do in the yard. I cannot exercise yet except for walking and it will take me awhile to build up some good stamina so that does not take up all of my free time. So, I figured that I would craft, craft and craft some more. But, my creative juices have just stopped flowing. So, in an attempt to jump start some crafty mojo I created an old stand by that at least had me cutting, folding and stamping paper which will (if you are listening crafty genes) wake them up!!!

When your crafty mojo has stalled how do you rev it up?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Very Quick Update

A very quick update on what's shakin' in my world. Trip to Vegas was a blast and will update stories with photos when I get caught up with life.

Last Monday I had my gall bladder removed and have returned to driving and work even though I have not yet been released from the surgeon's care. I am off the pain meds and the outside is healing quite nicely. I was reminded yesterday when I reached a little to much that the inside is not healed yet. A lesson learned and hopefully not repeated.

Much thanks to everyone that came to see me, sent me cards, called and kept me in their prayers for a speedy recovery. All that love helped me hurdle this bump in life. I hope to be able to update soon with those Vegas stories (they may be edited due to the Vegas rule of: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas). I also hope to be able to play with some of the new stamps bought in Vegas. I will post any new creations when they are born.

Have a good Monday!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Viva Las Vegastamps

On my recent trip to Las Vegas I went to the Mecca for rubber stampers. Tucked just a couple of miles from the strip in a very nondescript building is nirvana. You can bet that I was VERY happy that I had restraint in the casinos so that I could purchase the manna that feeds my soul, rubber stamps. Viva Las Vegastamps was a store that I could have spent hours in reading all the phrase stamps and just thinking about how I could use the stamp. It was literally wall to wall stamps. No paper, no inks, no markers, pens or scrapbooks. JUST STAMPS. Rows and rows of stamps. I had to be conservative because I had to be able to carry (didn't trust the baggage handlers)my purchase. Believe me I developed my arms walking around the airport the day I left, LOL. The only negative that I have about the store. There were adorable pets behind the counter (who wouldn't want to work where they could bring their adorable "children") but the store had a slight aroma of those adorable little ones. It was mostly the felines that made their presence known. Other than that, this was a great place to visit to top off my fantabulous vacation. They do have an online store and of course I have an inside connection, my friend Stacie (who shopped with me) lives in NV and can always make a trip for that one (or two or three....)stamp that I may have forgotten and must have. Enjoy the pictures and if you are ever in Las Vegas by all means CHECK OUT THIS STORE!

Check out the table full of unmounted rubber. Those were only $1.00 and on the opposite side of the table were used rubber stamps for just $2.00. You could have a field day just at the bargain table.