Monday, May 17, 2010

Very Quick Update

A very quick update on what's shakin' in my world. Trip to Vegas was a blast and will update stories with photos when I get caught up with life.

Last Monday I had my gall bladder removed and have returned to driving and work even though I have not yet been released from the surgeon's care. I am off the pain meds and the outside is healing quite nicely. I was reminded yesterday when I reached a little to much that the inside is not healed yet. A lesson learned and hopefully not repeated.

Much thanks to everyone that came to see me, sent me cards, called and kept me in their prayers for a speedy recovery. All that love helped me hurdle this bump in life. I hope to be able to update soon with those Vegas stories (they may be edited due to the Vegas rule of: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas). I also hope to be able to play with some of the new stamps bought in Vegas. I will post any new creations when they are born.

Have a good Monday!

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