Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Need Help

So this post is a cry for help from any of the SU sisters out in blog land.

I made a card and will post it later today and would like to give the "ingredients". I know that the paper I used was from the earth elements family, but when I go to figure out what specific colors by looking at my SU color wheel or the catalog there is a vast difference. Having worked for printers in my lifetime, I know that the printed color is NEVER the same as the actual / original work but I am perplexed.

So, here is my question: "How do you know exactly when you have a pack of {family} paper, which color is which?"


Michelle said...

Um...I guess just from using the colours ALL the time, I know what they are.
How old is your colour wheel? There were changes in the colours a couple of years ago. You may have some of the old colours?
Do you have a current catalogue? You could try matching the colours up with that?
I'm sorry, I'm not much help...I guess I'll just go eat another Butterfinger crisp, which, BTW, are SCRUMPTIOUS! I have never had one before!

Crafty Connie said...

Thanks for trying Michelle. I have the most current catalog and color wheel and yet I just never really learned my "families". Bad SU demo am I.