Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Package Has Arrived

I got a package yesterday from the man in brown, a.k.a. the U.P.S. man.

It came from California from my sister Cindy (oceansidecindy).
She moved to California two years ago and I miss her, not just because we are family but because we worked together and believe me we got along well, did our work, had fun. Unlike my current situation with the person that has tried to replace some of the work that Cindy did. Luckily there is a third person in the office or there probably would have been a blood bath by now. Enough on that....

She had special treats for myself and our brother Rick.

For Rick, Cindy made a shadow box frame of a picture of him and our recently deceased (7/07) black lab Harley. When I adopted Harley from a shelter, Cindy and I named her Harley in hopes that Rick would like her (he rides a Harley) and not get too angry that I was bringing this large, slightly untamed dog home. Cindy took a picture that she had and using Harley Davidson three dimensional stickers (no doubt bought at a craft store, yea Cindy I knew I could suck you into this crafting world) personalized the picture. It was a hoot to look at the picture because both Rick and Harley have no gray. I am guessing this picture was at least 7 or 8 years old??? Cindy also isolated Harley in the picture and had it enlarged and framed it for Rick. We both miss Harley, however Rick and Harley spent their days together and forged a deeper closer bond. I know that he still has a heavy heart from her loss.

For me, Cindy made a binder/book of the area where she lives and the intended destinations that we will be visiting when I come out to see her in December on vacation. She had aerial views of her house, her neighborhood, the route to the beach...She had mapped out our trips (San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Disneyland, Hollywood). She used stickers (another craft store visit?) We will have some action packed fun filled days ahead of us and if this trip is anything like the trips we have taken in the past, we will see everything on her list. I will take pictures and post them of the goodies in the package! I love packages!!!

Cindy also made the paper and that too was included in the package.

So Ms. Cindy, I loved the package, will study my maps so I don't ask "Where are we?", "Where are we going?", "When will we be there?". I will have a package going out to you this week or weekend, just some Halloween fun! I love you and miss you and cannot wait to see you in December.


oceansidecindy said...

Yeah the package has arrived!! Yes my younger sister has sucked me into the craft store cornucopia of the scrapbooking aisle. Though I only buy what I need for the project that I am doing, so as to not fall back into the container world of crafting stuff stored. See I don't have a basement (this is California,land of earthquakes and landslides) Only storage is garage. I wanted to make something meaningful for my brother Rick and his friend Harley. Never did I think when I was with Connie the day that she adopted Harley that she would have such a positive place in Rick's life. Harley got him out everyday walking in the forest. She gave him something to do. Walks are so great for our health. Yes, I miss my sister every day, because we worked together and played together too. Now I work in an animal hospital and am surrounded by cats and dogs. I really understand the feeling when an owner has to send their pet to animal heaven, life seems like it will never be the same again. Hopefully Connie and Rick will find that perfect dog again that will love the forest and be that special friend for Rick.

Ijsbeer said...

aw its so sweet to read your blog entry and your sisters comment. How nice that you have such a close bond. I hope to have that with my sister too one day:)