Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Who Would Have Thought

Fruit of the Month: Figs. Most of our knowledge of figs is of Fig Newton's. However, figs can be enjoyed fresh or as a healthy substitute for your favorite recipes. Use puréed figs to replace shortening, oil or butter in any baked good to reduce fat and calories. Fresh figs are available July through September and dried figs can be found year round. Figs contain more fiber in a 1/4 cup serving than any other fruit. Mix fresh cut up figs in a smoothie or yogurt snack for a sweet treat.

Just a little something from the good friends at Bally's.

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Diane said...

My DH eats dry figs at snacks at work year-round. He loves them! i liek them, but I don't crave them like he does. I never though to use them as substitute for fat in baking. I usually use applesauce or plum butter for that. Good idea, though. Thanks for sharing!