Monday, November 03, 2008

I Crafted

Yup, sit down I actually produced something crafty over the weekend. Nothing spectacular, but at least something other than my life's dribble.

Speaking of dribble, last week we had class in the gym. We were doing teamwork exercises and let me tell you, some were rather odd. The one that was the most challenging yet crippled this old broad was this:

My instructor and a gym professor had a large jump rope.
There were 31 of us students in the class that night.
The two professors were going to twirl the rope.
All 31 of us had to jump over the rope at least once.
The rope could not hit the floor without someone jumping over it.
We did this for 35 minutes.
The BEST that we could do was 28 people.

The lesson that I learned:
Ask as many questions about how this can be done before the situtation begins, because once we started they would not allow us to ask questions.
One question that we should have asked: Did the rope have to make a complete circle or could we just have it sway back and forth?

The other lesson that I learned:
This OLD FAT BROAD has NO business jumping rope if she expects to move like a normal person the day after and the day after that.

The last lesson that I learned:
If I didn't carry all this weight I would have had no problem jumping rope and walking briskly the next day.

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Joanne (Stamps4sanity) said...

You DID craft! Not just one, but TWO cards! They are both really nice. Have a great week!