Sunday, August 19, 2007

If I Only Had A Brain

I had the BIGGEST brain fart yesterday.

After being out and about and having some problems with my rear brake/turn signal lights.
The lights keep going out.
The bulbs aren't bad it appears that the sockets are.
The really annoying and dangerous thing is that they go out whenever and wherever they please.
At times, both of them together.
Yesterday I had to stop three times on my way home to get out, open the trunk, take the socket out of the hole in the trunk, jiggle and replace.
Well, when I got home yesterday the left rear was out and I did the above and then grabbed my purse and stuff and went inside.
I told my brother Rick about the problem that keeps happening and left it at that.

Last night and all day today we have been experiencing rain.
Sometimes it has been pretty heavy with thunder and lightening.

During one of the dry spells, Rick went outside to see if he could get a part number off of the socket and what did he discover?

I left my driver's side window OPEN!!!!!!

Needless to say, the seat is soaked.
The back floor is wet.
The front floor is wet.
The back seat is wet.

Luckily my trusty Mickey Mouse seat cover (lined with foam) soaked up a good majority of the rain from the driver's seat.
It is now hanging and dripping in my basement over the sink.

Talk about a brain fart, this one takes the cake.


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SpAzzGiRL said...

I've done it a few times, in fact I think I have done worse, like left the door a little, what a disaster.