Monday, August 27, 2007


Well, I still have not figured out the best time to leave the house to make it to work on time.
I must remember that the drive is a smidge more than my previous commute and to add more time.
Old habits die hard I guess.

The weekend turned out to be very nice.
The weather broke and the air conditioning was turned off.
It felt great to have fresh air in the house again.

I made some headway in the craft organization and realized that I have a ton of stickers.
I need to get crackin' on some projects.

I did finish my coupon book and because I don't have a digital camera the pics are in my regular camera waiting for the roll of film to be finished so that I can get it developed. Soon, I promise.
I want to get a few more projects done and take pics of them before the roll is out.

One very random and stupid observation:
Has anyone seen that Viagra commercial that has all of the guys in an old barn or something and they are all playing instruments and singing "VIVA VIAGRA"?
Does anyone else find this to be weird?

Let me know.


oceansidecindy said...

Just saw that commercial the other day. Since we all grew up knowing the tune it is kind of weird, but it's cute in a silly way hearing all those guys singing the different lyrics. Wonder if they are actors or the real thing. When I was in my early 20's there was a commercial on tv that went something like this "VD is for everybody, be careful and use protection" My husband used to sing it and we still does around the house today. Strange how some things stay in peoples minds.

SpAzzGiRL said...

Haven't seen the commercial, but now I want to!
Wasn't it so nice to open a window?? I swear I was getting sick of the stuffy a/c air, it was such a nice, dry weekend. Although I swear my plants won't need to be watered for another week!

oceansidecindy said...

For all of you who care. The Viagra commercial is on U Tube and the name of the band is "The Limp Dicks"