Friday, August 10, 2007


Where do gnats come from?

Are they a species of fruit fly?

All I know is that these little gnats are down here in my basement office and they are driving me crazy. I guess some bug spray is going to make it on my grocery list.


SpAzzGiRL said...

I know the gnat solution!!!
Take a shallow dish or tray, fill with soda and they swim right in and drown. That is the only thing that works really.
They come from plants or standing water, pesky little buggers...hate 'em!

Ali said...

My computer room is in the basement and amongst the invading hordes of nasty insects like spiders, sow bugs, and shiny centipedes... tiny flies are plaguing me.

At first, I suspected these tiny flies were part of the carpet beetle morph, but then I noticed tiny flies hanging out in my one washroom likely coming from the basin drain. I boiled up some water in a kettle and poured some down the basin drain hole to flush out the passage way. I even poured in some bleach in all the drains. I noticed the washroom flies (LOL) were gone.

So, I figure those little flying pukes in the basement must be coming from the basement drain. I plan to get one of those anti-back up flaps for the basement drain and that should hopefully remedy the problem of insects breaching through there.

Good luck.