Monday, April 30, 2007


As of this past Saturday at 9:30am I am a free woman!!
I no longer have to give up my Saturday mornings for school at least until after Christmas and if I can get my last class during the week then never again will I have to wake up to go to school on my day off.

As final exams go, I studied things that I didn't need for the test and forgot to study some of the things that I needed for the test. It seems that my reaction was pretty much the same as the rest of the class. We all were flipping pages looking for that one question that we felt very comfortable with and could get it done and move on to the more difficult questions. I wasn't the first one to leave or the last one to leave, I just finished what I could in the best way that I could and let the pieces fall as they may. Worst case scenario, I really bomb and I end up with a "C" in the class. Best class scenario, I get the "A" that I am hoping for. Time will tell, grades have to be submitted by the 8th of May.

Right now I am just sitting back and enjoying the fact that I don't have any homework, presentations or term papers to write and that I will enjoy the summer to it's fullest!

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SpAzzGiRL said...

The freedom must feel exhilerating!
I think Carol and I are meeting up at the 'A' this weekend for Scrappin' day, I'll shoot you an email if you want to join us! {now that you are free}