Friday, May 04, 2007

Life is Good

Just an update on the goings on in my life.
School is out for the summer.
My garden is shaping up.
The living room and stairway are painted.
The dining room is next in line for the paintbrush.
Carpet is to be installed on 5/11.
Have to call about the couch to see when it is expected to be delivered.
Being free from homework and studying has enriched my social life as I have plans for every day this weekend. Yeah, I love spending time with friends and family.
I have started reading novels again instead of textbooks.
The purge of 20 years of stuff from my house and life is continuing.
I have made a deal with myself, I will not bring something new into the house until I have taken something old out of the house.
So far this has been working well and I have taken more out of the house than I have brought in over the past week.
Now I just have to get my fluffy arse to the gym and get a more summer friendly body.

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