Wednesday, May 16, 2007

General Update

Well, since I haven't posted in quite awhile I am going to sum up everything in this post.

The new carpet was installed on Friday, 5/11 and it looks WONDERFUL!!!
It feels fantastic to walk around in bare feet.
The dogs love the fact that I will lay on the floor and play with them now.
The only negative is that less than 36 hours after the carpet was laid Harley threw up on the upstairs landing.
The spot came out with some carpet cleaner but the "newness" is gone.

Not sure on when the couch will be arriving, I have to call and find out.

My official (posted by the school) grade for this past semester is an "A".
Only two more classes and this girl is going to PARTY!!!!!

Mother's Day at my sister Caryn's was very nice.
Good company, good weather, good eats.

This is my early week here at work (7:00am to 4:00pm) and I have gone to the gym two days in a row.
My how that one hour can make a difference at the gym.
I have my pick of machines and have been able to get in my hour of cardio and be out the door and home at the same time I would have arrived straight from work.
The true test will be the next two weeks when I will be working until 5:00pm and have to go "fight" for the machines that I want.
I just have to remind myself that no one wants to see my jelly belly in a bathing suit so I had better work it off.

With school out of the way I have been reading a novel and not a textbook and that is a great pleasure.
I have a whole boatload of books that I want to read so I had better get a crackin'.

That's all that's new in my world, how about yours?

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