Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down

So if you have been reading the previous posts you know that I have started going to the gym again. Summer is here and school is out so I have the time to get to the gym. For the last two weeks I have been using various reasons to motivate myself.

A. In the words of my doctor, "it's getting to be that time in life when you have to start taking care of yourself". My cholesterol is okay, I had lost 8 lbs from my last office visit but the one that scared me was that my blood sugar was borderline. YIKERS!!!! My brother has type II diabetes and I DO NOT want to have that on my plate so to the gym I go.

B. It's summer and the thought of exposing flabby white flesh is enough motivation in and of itself.

C. Thoughts of getting naked right now in front of anyone has brought beads of freak out sweat to my brow.

So with the three reasons listed above I have been kicking some butt at the gym and working off the fluff that I have taken years to put on and have kept on for no good reason.

However, yesterday a NEW reason was added to my list of motivating factors to get my fluffy arse in the gym.

My co-worker (the one that thought she should get to set her hours so that she could go to the gym, please see previous posts) and I were talking about the gym. I was telling her my cardio routine and how I had run into my old trainer over the weekend and followed her personal lower body weight routine as she worked out. We discussed the various machines that we use and the weight. We talked about our cardio minutes and what types of cardio that we do. It was at the end of this conversation that the gauntlet was thrown down. Now there isn't any real challenge taking place between the two of us. In fact she probably didn't realize how her phrase sounded but it made me bristle and it motivated me yesterday to do an additional 5 minutes on the eliptical. What were the words uttered?

"Wow, if I'm not careful, you will get skinnier than me"

I didn't know that it was a competition!!!!!

That in and of itself is not anything bad. The funny thing is that we weigh about the same and are just shaped completely differently. I know that I will never be skinny like a super-model. It's just not in my genes. I am a more athletic built person, I will develop toned muscles and have a more lean powerful body than a thin model body. I am shaped more like an hour glass or a pear and she is shaped like an apple. We will never look the same at any weight, whether it is our current weight or our hope to be thinner and healthier weight. I really don't even know why her statement bothered me but it did and it is my current motivation to keep up my routine and to create a leaner and healthier me. I guess it's just my competitive nature that I am pumped to prove her wrong and get thinner and leaner in a shorter period of time. So, although I know that this is probably wrong it is this week's motivation to kick some flab!


oceansidecindy said...

You go girl!!!! Make me proud!!!!!!
I know exactly who you mean and I want you to work your butt off!!!!

oceansidecindy said...

PS What's the word on the new couch and work around the house. Let's see some pictures. You do have a resident photographer on staff at home....No excuses!!!!!!