Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Well, if that title didn't catch your attention to read this post, I guess nothing will.

I don't recall how the topic came about but last week, but the conversation in the accounting office (there are 3 of us women in the same room) turned to porno. I believe it started because I didn't know who Ron Jeremy was/is. Now since none of us wanted to surf the net and leave porn cookies in our work computers I had to get my information from my co-workers. Apparently Mr. Jeremy is well endowed and quite the "star" back in the day. So from there we went to the topic of porno movies and the appeal to men of the girl on girl scenes.

I am convinced by the answers that I have received from the men that I have asked that sometime in the growing up of a male child the "guy code" standard answers are given to the new man and they become the "stock" answer for the rest of his life.

The standardized answer that I received from all of the men to whom I asked this question was:

"What is the appeal to the girl on girl scenes in porno movies?"

The appeal of the girl on girl scenes is that it is something that men want to stumble into and either watch or be the lone man with the responsibility of pleasuring two women.

The female body is so beautiful compared to a male body that it is a pleasure to watch two women's bodies pleasing each other.
Yup, those were the "stock" answers that I got from all of the men that I asked. Either they gave one of the answers or in most cases both of the answers.
So ladies, the guy code is in operation full force and they teach them young.
Take a moment and ask the man in your life and see if you get the same response. I would welcome any other answers or just confirmation that other men out there respond the same way.


SpAzzGiRL said...

you don't know who ron jeremy is???
Not only a well-endowed porn star but a creepy, hairy, fat little dude that would steer anyone AWAY from watching porn!!
He was on a surreal life series if you wanna see him, just go to Surreal life website...

oceansidecindy said...

Being from the "old" school my view is Ron Jeremy is not HOT!!!
As the saying goes, no matter how big the "tool" is if you can't stomach looking at the container it comes in , it's useless!!!!!!!!