Monday, June 11, 2007

It's My Own Damn Fault

Vaseline Intensive Care body lotion has come out with a self-tanning lotion this year.
I saw a co-worker who normally does not sport a tan healthy glow come to the office with a bronzed aura about her and asked if she had been "tanning" (in a tanning bed).
She turned me on to the lotion and I bought some last week.

On Saturday morning after my shower I put some on my legs.
I choose only my legs because I never seem to be able to hold color on them now that I work for a living and don't spend much of my waking summer hours in the sun.

To me nothing looked any different so I just chucked it up to you probably have to use the whole bottle of lotion before anything happens.

Saturday night I was up in the middle of the night not feeling well and decided to apply more lotion.
It's my own damn fault:
a. That I didn't read the directions on the bottle.
b. That I should not apply this type of lotion in the dark while lying down in the bed.
c. That I should have felt that one leg had more lotion than the other.
d. That I should have kept rubbing the lotion in evenly and not just let it air dry in some places.
e. I should have gotten out of bed to wash my hands.
It's a good thing that:
a. I didn't apply the lotion to the bottoms of my feet.
b. Most people have a funky tan line on the tops of their feet.
c. The "tan" that I have on the palms of my hands is almost faded to a normal non freaky tone.
(Freaky, like "lady why are the palms of your hands darker than the top of your hands?")
All in all, if you read the directions, take care in applying equal amounts of lotion to both legs, completely rub in the lotion evenly on the leg and wash your hands after application you too can have nice sun kissed legs without the hassle of laying in the sun.

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SpAzzGiRL said...

I have some and it does work but you have to remain standing for about an hour while the stuff dries or it streaks and lordy I went to bed with some on once and the crazy lines I had took forever to disappear!