Monday, June 18, 2007

The Craft Cellar

Well, I may have mentioned this in a previous post or perhaps I didn't (the perils of growing old). The company that I work for is moving our corporate headquarters (where I must report to work) from Morton Grove to Bensenville. I'm not that happy about the move because it adds 5 more miles onto my compute. I know that 5 miles is not very much, but when you factor in the area, I must go around O'Hare airport to get from my house to work. There are only two ways around the airport for me and both of them are bad. I know this first hand because I have travelled these routes before. My previous job was in Bensenville so I speak from experience.

But alas, I digress, this post is about the craft cellar, not about the move.

Since our move will require a reduction in our office space, we have been selling desks, chairs...
We had a storage unit that I was eyeing because it would work wonderfully for my craft cellar. It had a mail slot upper and a cabinet bottom. I got it for FREE, YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!!!!
I met my brother at the office on Saturday morning and we loaded up the three piece unit and he drove it home and I went across the street to work out.

When I got home the three pieces were in the basement. I assembled them and began the task of filling it up. I started by taking all of the 8-1/2" x 11" paper that I had up in my bedroom and putting it into the mail slots. One side for Stampin Up paper and the other for the stuff that I get from the craft stores.

The middle counter area I have all of the loose 12" x 12" paper that was laying around in bags in my room from my most recent shopping excursions. I also started bringing down the shoe boxes that have the embellishments and stacking them near the "unit".

The bottom storage cabinet will be used to store my rubber stamps.
YES, I already have a cabinet that is full of stamps and I have enough new ones to need a second cabinet. I have already addressed my addictions in a previous post so please do not make any comments about the quantity of stamps that I possess. :-)

Things are beginning to take shape, I am getting myself organized and getting inspiration when I see all of the cool stuff that I have purchased and haven't used yet. Now I just have to get some crafting time, but first I have to do the purge/organization thing and then I can play.

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