Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm In Love

I am in L - O - V - E

I have always said that if I could exercise and have a fan blowing to quickly dry the sweat (oh wait women don't sweat, we perspire) that I would probably work out longer.

I know that I am not the only one that feels this way.
There is a metro-sexual at the gym that always chooses one particular elliptical machine.
Goes and gets a chair so that he can adjust the fan so that it blows down on his machine.
Then hops on board and does his workout looking all studly (in his mind) as he works out but doesn't get all sweaty.

Before you lose your lunch or dinner or any recent meal, he is NOT the reason that I am in love.


The object of my affection is the new treadmill at the gym (there are currently four of them) that have large consoles with small 3 inch diameter fans on each side that blow a breeze while you are working out. They are not as powerful as I would like them to be, but something is better than nothing. I have taken to doing 30 minutes on my new friendly treadmill in lieu of the bike.

So, like I said I am in L - O - V - E

P.S. Just as an after-thought, I currently am up to one hour fifteen minutes of cardio each time I am at the gym (see the post about the gauntlet being thrown down). Keeping with that motivation, I have a 57% average of getting my fluffy arse to the gym.

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