Monday, June 11, 2007

I Am NOT A Traitor

I was invited to go to Saturday's baseball game on Friday.

I am a Cubs fan.
I bleed Cubbie blue.
I will die a Cubs fan.

I say this because the game that I attended on Saturday was a Chicago White Sox game.
Yup, I went to the "cell" (U.S. Cellular Field) and experienced the South side brand of baseball.

I don't consider myself a traitor because the Sox were playing an inter-league series against the Houston Astros.

The Cubs and the Astros are in the same division in the National League.
I cheered on the Sox because a Sox win would mean that it helped the Cubs.

It was a nice experience.
I went with my co-worker Kerrie, her husband Gerry and his father.
Kerrie and Gerry are partial season ticket holders.
Since Gerry's father is in a wheel chair they have handicapped seating and it was great.
The handicapped area is roped off from the regular seats.
Our seats were folding chairs and it was great because you could move the chair to your seating pleasure.
The seats are right at a railing and if you wanted to move the seat back and stretch out your legs and prop them up on the railing you could.
If you wanted to lean against the railing you could.
It was excellent.
The stadium is very nice.
I had been to the old stadium 20 or so years ago and this new stadium is much much better.

It's no Wrigley Field.
It's not the loveable Cubbies.
It doesn't have the neighborhood fun that the Wrigleyville area has but it was a good time.

I had a hot dog (who doesn't have a hot dog at the game?)
I had two margaritas (had to go with the margarita over a beer)
I would have had some Cracker Jack but:
a. I had TWO margaritas.
b. I had a hot dog.
c. I had my personal challenge to rid my body of fluff (see previous post).

Afterwards on the way home we stopped for Italian ice on Taylor Street. (so much for the fluff removal). I had blue raspberry and it was wonderful, so sinfully delicious. But when did raspberries become blue? Regardless it was good. I have to admit that I was stuffed when I got home in time to watch my Cubbies play the Atlanta Braves.

I would like to say that all my cheering for the Sox paid off and they won, but Houston broke the tie in the 8th and the Sox just couldn't get it done.

I did buy a scorecard and a fan photo and will use those items along with my ticket stub to do a scrapbook layout to prove that I was at the game.

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