Friday, May 25, 2007

A Glance into the Gym

I am going to preface this post with a disclaimer.

I am not a sports goddess.

I do not look good when I work out.

I wear a baggy t-shirt over capri type sweats and I turn red and sweat like a pig.

I tell you this so that the observations of people at the gym that I am about to tell you about are just things that I find odd, strange or weird. They are not to insult the people that are at the gym.

I HATE speedos on men who are not competing in a swim competition.
I feel that speedos belong on the divers and swimmers who are using them to be the most aerodynamic in the pool.
Anyone wearing one, to me, is just too full of himself or needs to advertise "his wares" way to much to be someone that I would want to get to know.
Speedos at the gym on heavy men is just WRONG!

Running shorts.
The shorts that are VERY short and have the small pouch for "the jewels" so that a runner doesn't have to wear chafing underwear or a jock-strap.
These shorts should be left to the men who are running track.
They do NOT belong on heavy men at the gym working on the machines.
I have seen this man before at the gym, he doesn't run the track or on the treadmill.
The fact that I saw him on the machines and I bet if I was at a different angle would have seen more of him than I wanted is the reason that I believe that these shorts should not be worn while pumping iron or working the machines at the gym.

Plastic sweatsuits.
What is the purpose of these?
Yes, I know that they are designed to produce a vast amount of sweat and therefore giving the short term weight loss.
However, the moment that you drink anything you just defeated the purpose of the suit.
So, while you suffer for the 1/2 or hour that you wear the suit for a small loss, you really haven't done anything other than cause dehydration.
This one just stumps me!

So that you don't think that I have nasty things to say about my fellow exercisers, here is a positive.
There is a man that works out at my gym that smells great.
Even when he is sweating like a pig (and he works very hard at his cardio) he always smells good.
Not like he dumped a bottle of after shave on himself and went to the gym but a subtle sweat, cologne and deodorant kind of way.
If I could work out next to this guy every time that I went to the gym I would probably do more cardio than I do.
I however have the tendency to attract the ones that have garlic oozing out of their pores.


SpAzzGiRL said...

plastic you sweat your ass off (literally!). My mom had one and used to put it on and run up and down our stairs, lost 20 pounds doing it. I think it was her "home gym". lol

Anonymous said...

Who the hell you think you are to tell what people should or shouldn't wear. If you don't like, then don't look at it. It's a free country and they have every rights to wear whatever garment they choose to.