Friday, April 13, 2007

An Invention

So I am foregoing my possible million dollars of revenues from this invention if someone will please figure out a way to produce it economically and get it out on the market.

My proposed invention: ear covers to be used by salons when dying hair

Being a 40 something (almost 50, yikes) woman who has been dying her early gray hairs since my thirties have always wanted to come up with a way to figure out how to cover my ears from the potential plop of dye falling on them and then discoloring the ear until nature and daily showers cause the dye to fade. When I was dying my hair at home I was sooooo careful to avoid getting dye on my ears that sometimes it hindered the dye job at my temples, but better a few grays than brown ears.

I thought when I recently decided to go mult-color (highlights and lowlights) and have the professionals do the dye job that I would eliminate the whole worry about dye on my ears.

Such was not the case on Wednesday when I went in for a root touch-up.
The job is wonderful, not a gray root showing.
However, I walked out of there with brown ears.
Yes, not only the rims or outer ear area, but the inside area.
What the heck?

I got my hair cut after the dye was washed out. Did the stylist not see that my ears were brown?

Luckily I had a kleenex in my car and when stopped at red lights on my way home tried to remove as much of the offending brown from my ears. But today, Friday, two days later and I can still see a slight discoloration of my ears.

So, someone out there, here is my invention.
Small shower-cap-like covers with elastic that would fit over the ear during the dying process at hair salons. The need to be disposable, cheap and worth the purchase by the salon to prevent the problem of discolored ears.

So if you have the knowledge and the quest to be the next big inventor knock your socks off and get me some protection from having brown ears next time that I go to the salon.

The other alternative, a good solution that will remove the dye from skin without melting the skin. Either one would do me fine so start inventing!!!!

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